My 2023 Mindset Practice

I don’t always have a specific mindset practice that I do.

When I started out doing mindset work back in August 2015, I had a set practice. It had three parts to it and I did them religiously every single day without fail for years.

But after many years of doing this, I began to realize that I was getting better at shifting my mindset in the moment.

Negative thoughts or limiting beliefs would pop up, and I would catch myself thinking them, and could immediately shift to a better-feeling thought. I was even able to do this as negative words were coming out of my mouth and could change them mid-sentence.

When this started happening, I eased up on my mindset practice.

I was still working on my mindset every day, but I didn’t have a formal practice around it. I was doing the work in my head, as things popped up for me.

This worked for me for several years, and I coasted along.

But recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to have a more specific mindset practice again. Especially for this year, since I have a quantum leap goal I want to achieve.

My current practice has four parts to it. I don’t always do the parts in order. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I skip around because that’s what I’m feeling in the moment.

I do this entire mindset practice in a document on my computer, so I can keep it all in one place. I used to do it in a handwritten journal, but lately typing it out has been the vibe.

Here’s what my practice currently looks like:


I ask myself what I want and then I write it down. I get reconnected with my vision for the year and for my company and life.


I ask myself what thoughts or beliefs I currently have that make me think I can’t have it. I might ask it like, “what makes me think I can’t have X?” or “why don’t I believe I can make X happen?”

And then I listen. I close my eyes and I listen to my thoughts and feel what’s there.

I write down whatever comes up, even if it seems totally ridiculous. I write down all of the limiting beliefs and thoughts that are present in the moment. And when I’ve listed out everything, I then ask myself: and what else? Anything else?

I ask it in different ways to see if there are any other hidden limiting beliefs or thought weeds that need to be pulled from the garden of my mind.


This part of the practice actually has two micro-parts to it: I ask myself a question and then I disprove the lies.

The question: is any of that (that being what I wrote down as why I don’t get to have it/can’t have it/don’t believe it will work) the ultimate truth?

Meaning, is this a universal truth that applies to everyone on the planet? And 99.999% of the time, it won’t be. It will just be a limiting belief or thought that has been programmed into your subconscious mind.

Any thought about myself, my life, my company, what I get to have, who I get to be, etc., that doesn’t feel good to me is a lie. So the second micro-part of this part of the practice is to disprove the lies.

I will do this in one of two ways, and sometimes I do both.

I go back to the list I made of all of the reasons why I don’t get to have what I want, and I will go through each one and ask myself: if this is a lie, what could be true instead? And then I will talk out loud and say things to disprove the lie.

I may also (or instead of) write down a whole lot of “I am” and “I have” statements, disproving the lies and claiming what is now true for me.


This can be a separate part of the practice, or you can just feel the new truths as you’re writing them out.

If I do it as a separate part, I will either meditate for a few minutes or I will do a tapping video from Brad Yates on YouTube. Something to anchor into my body the new emotions that I deisre to feel.


This isn’t formally part of the practice, but once I’ve cleared the mind clutter, disproved the BS lies, reset to truth, and am feeling good, I’ll usually have a divine download for something to write a blog post about. And that’s what I do next before I do anything else.

I know for a fact I’ll be working on my mindset in some way shape or form for the rest of my life. It’s the thing that moves the needle for me and makes everything else work better and with more ease and flow.

It may not always be a formal practice where I sit down and write things out (and even now it will still be a combo of that and doing it in my head as things pop up), but it will always be something I intentionally make time for.

My entire life changed forever back in August 2015 when I committed to working on my mindset every day. And it has only gotten better from there. 🔥

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