My E-book

The ebook version of my book, F*ck the How, is going to be on sale for 99¢ from March 20 – March 22 to celebrate my 10 YEAR Quitiversary (10 years since I quit my day job to be an author) AND my 14 YEAR Blogiversary (14 years since I started my blog that is still going today)!!!

Back then I had NO CLUE how I was going to make my dreams happen. But I just decided to surrender the outcome to the Universe and then trust and keep on going no matter what!!!

And now I’m the author of 15+ books, with 4 screenplays under my belt, including 1 that placed as a Semi-Finalist in a prominent contest, and so much more to come!!

You NEVER have to know how you’re going to do something if you’re willing to set the how aside and follow the steps in my F*ck the How process.

Mark your calendar for March 20 – March 22 and be sure to grab yourself a 99¢ copy of the eBook version of F*ck the How.

Dream life or bust,

PS: In the meantime, you can check out all of my fiction (and other books) here:

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