This Is Why You Need Like-Minded Friends That You Connect With Regularly

Several months ago, my good friend, Mary DeRosa Hughes, and I decided to be each other’s accountability buddies. It totally made sense–we’re both writers and authors, we both have big dreams that we’re taking action on daily, and we both think very similarly.

Most importantly, she gets me. She gets the way I think and she gets the whole law of attraction thing. She’s one of the few people in my life I can go to and say the most outrageous things, like, “I’m gonna get my novel turned into a movie on the big-screen and famous actors will play my characters and I’ll make a cameo” and she won’t even blink an eye. She’ll just say, “Of course you will! You always do what you say you will.”

She agrees with me. She believes with me. And she pushes me to go bigger and think differently. She’s by far the best accountability buddy I’ve ever had.

And one thing we’ve recently started to do together is co-create our realities.

You probably know that you create your own reality, but did you know that you can also co-create a reality with someone else? You totally can!

You just have to be on the same page and you have to think the same.

Something that Mary and I co-created–unintentionally at first, but over time we began to intentionally reinforce it–is that our conversations make us money. Any time we have a phone call or text each other, one of us gets a Divine Download or inspired action that ends up resulting in money for one or both of us.

The more we say this to each other, the more we continue to reinforce it. Our conversations make us money.

This became a belief that we now both share, so when it happens, it doesn’t at all surprise us. In fact, it’s now totally normal for us to get inspired during our conversations and have that turn into $$$.

It happened again the other day, with something I’d been thinking about, but hadn’t acted on yet.

Mary and I were doing our Monday check in call where we share how things were going and what we’re currently working on that we need support with. And as she shared what’s been going on for her, it hit me: I need to do a workshop for writers on how to manifest.

And as we talked back and forth about it and swapped stories of times when we’d experienced similar things in our lives, I literally had the entire outline for the workshop come to me. So I wrote it all down as we were talking.

At the end of our call, I said to her, “it really is true that our conversations make us money. I just came up with a killer outline for a manifestation workshop I’ve been wanting to do.”

She laughed and said, of course! Because that is a belief that the two of us co-created. So of course that’s what is now true for us.

Belief is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating your reality and manifesting whatever it is you want in your life. And while it does take time to reprogram your beliefs and create new ones that support you in what you want to achieve in your life, if you just keep repeating the new belief(s) over and over again, eventually it will become true and you will see evidence of it in your reality.

Because a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

So over the last few months as Mary and I have done our weekly check in calls and/or email check ins and texting each other throughout the day, we’ve managed to co-create a belief that our conversations make us money. And now it’s true.

I’m gonna be launching a manifestation workshop for writers very, very soon (hint: it’s launching later this week!!). And that workshop came directly from my conversation with Mary.

If you don’t already have a like-minded accountability buddy who you check in with on a regular basis, I highly recommend you get one. You don’t have to co-create beliefs like, our conversations make us money, but you could.

I mean, why the hell not, right?! But regardless of what you decide to create, I hope you’ll take on the challenge of finding yourself an accountability buddy, one who gets you and who wants similar things to you and who thinks like you do.

There’s nothing better in the world than to be supported by someone who gets it.

Dream life or bust,



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P.S. YES! It’s true! I actually am doing a manifestation workshop specifically for writers. I’ve thought about this for a loooonnnngggg time now. Probably longer than I should have. And now I’m gonna act on it. If you’re interested in learning how to manifest your writing goals and dreams and whatever the fuck else you want, stay tuned…

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