No More Starving Artists

The paradigm I stand for is being able to fully be me and do my creative work/art/soulwork AND get paid massively for it.

I see for my life, a reality where I get to wake up every day as one of the highest paid writers in the world. Where I get paid to write books—fiction and nonfiction—and write/help write/consult on scripts and movies that are being made from my books and my stories.

I want to be a living-proof example that creatives can be financially successful doing their art.

So that more writers, artists, creatives will know and see that they can also get paid massively to do their art and only their art (and whatever else they choose because #multipassionate).

A paradigm where buying things from independent artists and authors and creatives is preferred and sought out. Where there are no more starving artists, and creatives no longer believe that they have to struggle or sacrifice.

In this paradigm, creatives believe in themselves more. They go for their dreams more. They keep on going more. And they make it. 🔥

Dream life or bust,

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