Not Only Is Feeling Good Normal, But It’s Also Your Natural State

So many people have attitude about the phrase “feeling good,” because they’ve been falsely taught that feeling bad is “normal” and “just a part of life.”

But that’s all nonsense.

Not only is feeling good normal, but it’s also your natural state. It’s the way you’re born. It’s your default programming.

And once you remove the stuff that stops you from feeling good, you will automatically return to that feel-good state.

If you don’t resonate with the word “good” you can substitute in any positive emotion that you want to feel… happy, loved, joyful, at peace, abundant, etc. Good is really just the umbrella word for all those other positive feelings.

So anytime you’re choosing to feel a positive emotion, you’re feeling good, as all positive emotions feel good.

And feeling good is the point. It’s the point to every single thing you want, dream of and desire.

It’s also the path to receiving and achieving those wants, dreams and desires. Your feel-good emotions and actions are the keys to the Kingdom.

I’m gonna break it down for you now, so you can see how truly simple it is.

Here’s how it works:

Everything is energy, which means everything has a frequency that it vibrates on.

Like energy magnetizes (aka attracts) like energy and repels (aka pushes away) unlike energy. (This is also known as “like attracts like;” and no, “opposites attract” doesn’t mean different frequencies. It means different personalities/types of people but those people
still have the same vibe/are on the same frequency.)

Positive emotions and things that create a feel-good emotion vibrate on a higher frequency than negative emotions and things that create a bad-feeling emotion.

The point of everything you want, dream of and desire is because you think you will feel better when you have it (aka you believe you will feel good/it will feel good to have it).

Because your wants, dreams and desires will feel good to have, those wants, dreams and desires are vibrating on a high frequency, which is the feel-good frequency, created from good-feeling emotions (any emotion above “contentment” is included; see chart in pic).

The things/parts of your current reality (and anything else) that don’t feel good, are vibrating on a low frequency.

If you continue to focus on your current reality and especially the parts/things that don’t feel good, you will continue to vibrate on a low frequency (anything emotion below “contentment” is included; see chart in pic), and you will continue to receive more of the same low-vibe stuff.

If you choose to focus instead on the parts/things in your current reality that do feel good and start also finding more feel-good things to focus on, you will begin receiving more of the wants, dreams and desires you have because you will be vibrating on the same frequency as them (and you will also, at the same time, crowd out the low-vibe stuff).

What you focus on expands.

You get to choose how you feel. Always. In every situation and circumstance. No matter what.

If you want more of the same, ignore everything I’ve said here.

If you want more of your wants, dreams and desires, start feeling good more often.

It really is that simple.

Feeling good is the point AND the path. 🔥

Dream life or bust,


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📷 Abraham-Hicks

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