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When you’re ready to start marketing your writing, there’s an important decision you have to make first—are you going to use your real name?

The choice is totally yours and yours alone. But it’s a choice that needs to be made before you spend any time marketing yourself. Because if you start marketing one name now and decide to change it later, that’s a whole lot of work to redo.

Plus once you have a following/audience, changing your name would be almost impossible.

If you’ve decided your real name isn’t marketable enough (or there’s some other reason why your real name won’t work), you should consider using a pen name.

Pen Name: How To Create Yours

This eGuide not only gives you the information you need for marketing and branding a pen name, but it also helps you with the hardest task of all—finding the right name! This guide will inspire you with a list of 31 brilliant places to find pen name ideas, plus over 100 actual ideas for specific pen names.

It fills in the gaps other books leave behind and answers all the burning questions on your mind, like:

  • is it legal to use a pen name?
  • what do I do about my photo?

If you’re not using a pen name to hide your identity, but because your real name just won’t work, it’s perfectly acceptable to embrace your pen name persona. In fact, if you want to be successful using a pen name, you have to be willing to embrace the name and use it like it’s your own.

That’s why choosing the right name is so important. Because without the right name, you’re just another lonely book on a shelf without a reader.

It’s time to take the next step with your writing. Time to dust off those old short stories and potential magazine articles and get them publication-ready. Then you’re ready to start marketing.

Pen Name: How To Create Yours … Available Now

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