How To Access Your Creativity On-Demand

So you finally did it. You’ve freed up time in your schedule for writing. Except now you’re stuck.

Every time you sit down to put words on the page, a million other things become so much more important—cleaning the house, decluttering, watching TV. You find yourself saying:

  • I’m too tired
  • I have other things to do
  • I’m out of ideas
  • I’m too stressed
  • I have no focus

You think you’re blocked, but those are just excuses. And there’s a lot more to it than that.

A lot of times, what’s really keeping you stuck is you’re not doing two important things:

  1. Nourishing yourself
  2. Nourishing your creativity

You were born a creative being—we all were—but somewhere along the line, you lost connection to that innate creativity, the kind you can turn on whenever you want.

Nourishing Yourself

You are the core source of your creativity, which means you need to nourish yourself and fuel your body with things that are good for you.

Start by looking at your food. Are you eating a balanced diet or are you eating junk all the time?

What you eat determines how you’re going to feel every day—tired, rundown and lethargic or energized, clear and focused. The choice is yours.

Don’t believe that food changes everything? Just take a look at the word Creativity—it has ‘eat’ right in it.

When you’re fueling your body with the right foods, you’ll feel great and you’ll have what you need to put words on the page. No more feeling blocked.

To get started nourishing yourself, here are some things you can do:

  • Eat Breakfast—this one meal sets up your entire day
  • Carry Power Snacks—things like nuts or fruit make an easy snack that will keep you feeling energized
  • Get Rid of the Junk—remove processed foods from your diet, all they do is junk up your creative juices

Nourishing Your Creativity

Being able to access your creativity whenever you want also requires you to spend time nourishing the creative part of yourself. When you build creativity into your daily life, it will make it easy to be instantly creative.

The only difference between a person who’s super creative and a person who feels like she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body is this: the super creative person has made being creative a habit. You can do the same thing.

When you’re in the habit of creativity, it will come as naturally to you as breathing. And then when you have a problem to solve, need an idea or are looking for inspiration, it will be right at your fingertips.

Here are some things you can do to nourish your creativity:

  • Maintain A Creative Practice—the more regularly you use your creativity, the more it will become second nature to you
  • Morning Pages—created by Julia Cameron, Morning Pages are three hand-written, stream-of-consciousness pages you write first thing in the morning before you do anything else. This practice will help unblock you so your creativity can flow freely
  • Add In Some Self-Care—sleep, sex, taking a bubble bath, watching a movie, laughing … anything that makes you feel awesome counts as self-care. When you add self-care into your life, you’ll fill your creative well to the tippy top so it’s always ready to spill over.

When you combine nourishing yourself with nourishing your creativity, you’ll unlock the door to being creative on command.

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