The One Thing I Attribute All of My Recent Success To

Ever since I was very young, I knew I was here for a reason. I always believed that I was meant for more. Meant to make an impact, meant to do big things in the world.

It’s a core belief I’ve held my entire life.

And I didn’t always know what that reason was or how I was going to fulfill it. But I knew if I always followed my heart I’d be OK.

Following your heart. Something that’s so taboo in this world. Society tells us to pick one thing and do what everyone else is doing and we’re wrong if we’re different or outside the norm.

But that’s the agreement I made with myself when I was growing up, that no matter what, I would always follow my heart. I would ignore what everyone else was doing and I would do things my way.

Now I haven’t always lived up to that. There have been times where I lost sight of what really mattered to me. But I was always quick to catch myself and refocus on my heart.

It was my heart that led me to being a writer, to choosing the writing life over all the other possibilities out there. I chose it because I believe so deeply that I have a message to share with the world. And that message is freedom and taking control of your destiny.

The truth is you can have anything you want for your life. ANYTHING. I am proof of it. I’ve lived so many of my dreams and my writing life has exploded (in a good way!).

Since I released my eBook, Align Your Writing Habits to Success and had it hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, I’ve been selling a TON of books! In May, I sold 589. So far this month, I’m up to 658 (and there’s still a week and a half left to go!).

I’ve been getting new eBook ideas left and right. Ideas I’ve had for years are coming together into cohesive and engaging outlines right in front of my very eyes. And it’s all happening with ease and flow.

I feel more confident than I’ve ever felt before, expecting so much more awesomeness to come and feeling happy and fulfilled every single day. Joy like I have never known before.

And I attribute this success and the way I’m feeling to one thing: the Bestselling Author Mastermind.

I started this group because I gave myself a HUGE goal (back in April) to write and publish one eBook a month for the rest of 2016. It was time for me to stop being comfortable in my writing life. But I needed all the accountability I could get. Leading a group of people is pretty major accountability.

Being the leader of this group has forced me to step up and not just lead, but fucking own the writing life I want to have. To walk my talk consistently, like I never have before. To be fully in alignment with my divine gifts and what I came to this world to do.

It’s this alignment, passion and–most importantly–pro writer mindset that has brought me to this point.

But not just me.

Here’s just some of what members of the Bestselling Author Mastermind have achieved in the last month and a half:

  • Become a featured columnist on a big-name website
  • Ideas for eBooks
  • Outlines for novels 
  • Established a daily habit of writing
  • Written 23,000 words in a new WIP
  • Got first pro gig editing a video script
  • Completed revisions on a 100,000-word manuscript 
  • Put together 3 poetry compilation manuscripts and sent them off for Beta Reading
And that’s not even including the stuff I accomplished! Since May 2 I have: written one eBook, published 2 eBooks, 1 of which hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon, written 20+ blog posts, created 20+ videos, outlined 3 new books…I could go on.

Now these results aren’t typical for most writers, but that’s what makes this group so special. Because the people in it are not most writers. They’re writers who actually step up to the plate, do the work and see results. Who let their dreams be bigger than their excuses. Who create their own realities with their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Writers who know they were born to write and share their message and stories with the world through the written word. And writers who want to create their dream writing lives on their terms. 

If that sounds like you–and if hanging out in a virtual space (Facebook group) with a bunch of inspired, fire-lit-under-their-asses writers from all over the world sounds like it’d be a good ‘ol time–we’d love for you to join us.

>> Learn more and sign up here

This is by far the best thing I have ever created. I hope you’ll join us and find out for yourself just how awesome it is to be surrounded by a community of like-minded writers.

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