Pen Name: How To Create Yours

Do you want to be a bestselling author? I mean, isn’t that every writer’s dream, to see their name appear on a list of bestsellers?

A lot goes into being a bestselling author, including writing a kick-ass book that shines in all 6 core competencies. But there’s another important part that most people don’t talk about.

The name.

A name can either make or break you as far as marketing goes. Your name has to be something memorable, something that people will be able to recall when they’re at a bookstore.

Because if people can’t remember you, you’re going to have one hell of a time trying to sell your books.

The biggest problem, however, is that most real names aren’t very marketable.

It’s All In The Name

Let’s take recent American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, for example. The first time you heard his name, you probably had one of two thoughts—“What a stupid name” or “Why would his parents do that to him?” Making a name for yourself in the music business is tough and takes more hard work than you can even imagine.

Now try making it in the business with the same first and last name.

Face it—without American Idol, Phillip Phillips would’ve been just another guy at open mic night.

I’m not trying to shit-talk Phillip Phillips. I’m sure he’s a talented guy and will do great in the music industry now that he’s won American Idol. I’m just trying to make the point that your name is important.

Is Your Name Marketable Enough?

That’s up to you to decide. Your name should meet the following three minimum requirements for you to even consider using it on your books:

  • Easy to Remember—if your name isn’t easy to remember, forget about using it. Being memorable is tops when it comes to marketing.
  • Easy to Spell—and I mean truly easy to spell. If a potential reader can’t spell your name, she won’t be able to find your website or your books.
  • URL is Available—whether you believe it or not, your URL has to match your author name. If the dot-com for your real name is already taken, you should seriously consider a pen name.

Why A Pen Name?

A pen name is a fantastic way to create exactly the name you want. You can find the most memorable name around and then use it on your books. The power is in your hands.

Still don’t believe a name is important? Let me tell you the story of a musician named Katy Hudson.

The Katy Hudson Story

Katy Hudson was a Christian artist trying to make a name for herself in the business. She had a label and put out an album, but it went nowhere.

Down and out, Katy tried again, this time in Hollywood. She changed her musical style and began working with one of the biggest names in music. She even found a new label.

But still, nothing stuck.

Katy was down and out. Again. She couldn’t afford to pay her rent or her car payment.

Then one day, she heard rock and roll for the first time. And suddenly something lit up inside her. Katy knew exactly who she was and who she needed to be.

So she began writing pop-rock songs. Then another record label got on board with her new sound.

But there was a huge problem. Her name.

Not only was Katy Hudson pretty boring overall, it was also a name that belonged to a Hollywood actress (Kate Hudson).

So Katy changed it. She took on her mom’s maiden name and instead found her fame and fortune as a musician named Katy Perry.

Trust me, it’s all in the name.

Creating A Pen Name

Coming up with the right name isn’t always easy. It takes time and brainstorming. It takes thoroughly analyzing all your potential names to see which one will work best.

But it is possible to find the right name. And now there’ s a little eGuide to help you do just that.

Pen Name: How To Create Yours, is an eGuide that walks you through the steps of coming up with a list of pen name ideas, then narrowing it down using strategic information, which will help you land on your perfect name.

The book contains printable worksheets to help you analyze each name against the others to see exactly what name will work best for you and your writing.

Learn more about Pen Name here.

Do you have a pen name? What is it?

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