Plan Your Day, Week, And Month Based On How You Want To Feel

The Feel-Good Life Planner is a 12-month, undated planner that focuses on creating more feel-good moments in your day, week, month, and year. 

Each month starts with an undated “Month Of” page, so you can get an overview of your whole month. 

Each week starts with an undated “Week Of” page, so you can get an overview of your whole week. It also includes a Habit Tracker, so you can keep track of the habits you’re creating and reward yourself for completing them each week. 

The daily pages are undated and include a to-do list and space for notes. Each day starts off by asking you:

* How you want to feel today

* What that looks like for you today

* What else you will do to feel good that day

Each daily page also includes an end-of-day check-in that focuses you on gratitude and something you want to remember from that day. 

And every month ends with a feel-good check-in, so you can review the prior month and take a look at what went well, what felt good, what you’d like to do differently going forward, and set an intention for the new month. 

The back of the planner includes:

* Year-in-review pages, so you can review your whole year before starting the next one

* 2 Index pages, so you can keep track of anything you want to remember from the year and know exactly where to find it in the planner

* 5 Notes pages

* And a reminder to order your next Feel-Good Life Planner

Since this is an undated planner, you can start using it at any time of the year. We’ve also included 5 weeks of daily and weekly pages for each month, so you always have enough. Ignore the unneeded pages and skip ahead to the next month whenever necessary. 

This planner is 8.5×11 in size and has 530 pages.

The Feel-Good Life Planner will be available on Amazon starting on Black Friday!! 

And stay tuned for all of the fun Bonus gifts you get when you buy a copy between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and forward your receipt to my team.

Dream life or bust,

PS: Click HERE to see some of the pages in the Feel-Good Life Planner!

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