The Pro Writer Mindset, ep. 9: An Interview with Gwenda and Christine from Your Hidden Mind

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Guest Bio


Gwenda Phillips and Christine Phillips, co-founders of Your Hidden Mind. Your Hidden Mind is a fun, daily online system that you can use for yourself to change your behaviors, create peace of mind and happiness.

The system was created by Christine and her husband, Brian Phillips, based on their wealth of life experiences and observation of human behavior from over 40 years in education, fitness, health, leadership and the military around the world, in helping people find what really drives them, and equally, their potential.

Gwenda is the researcher behind the system, she’s responsible for the comprehensive research into the neuroscience of memory reconsolidation, which supports the core reasoning behind the system, and working with psychologists to help people understand what’s happening in the brain when they are using the system to rewire historical thoughts.

It was these broad and varied life experiences across so many cultures that has enabled them to help so many people to learn to observe their own behavior and find out what really drives them. Most importantly, this is what has enabled them to develop this system of effortless self-insight and to write the massive amount of self-reflective articles to trigger unconscious drivers and in the process allow the mind to get closure.

Show Notes

I had the pleasure of meeting Gwenda Phillips last December when we both participated in a mastermind event in Aspen. That’s when I was first introduced to Your Hidden Mind. Gwenda raved so much about it that in January of 2017, I decided to take it on and give it a try.

I used the Your Hidden Mind system pretty much daily for six months+ and I found that my productivity has been on fire, I’ve gotten clearer and clearer on what I really want in my life and I’ve let go of a lot of baggage I used to carry around in my head and heart.

I’m super pumped for you to hear this interview! Not only did we talk about why it’s so important to work on your mindset, but Christine even gave us a sample of how to activate your hidden mind (aka: your subconscious mind) so you can rewire your brain to think differently (which, as you know, is right up my alley!!).

Here are some of my takeaways from the interview:

  • Our memories are what program our behaviors–this is a total reframe from how we typically think about our habits.
  • You can ‘listen’ your way to better productivity–overcoming procrastination is a big goal for a lot of us, so it was pretty cool to discover that you can actually “listen” your way to becoming motivated and productive.

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