The Pro Writer Mindset Podcast, Episode 2: An Interview with Best Selling Novelist, Rocky Callen

Guest Bio:

Rocky Callen is a bestselling novelist and the author of the forthcoming nonfiction book, The Audacity of Creation. She pulls on her writing and publishing experience as well as extensive behavioral therapy background to create a experiences that not only allow a women to finish their manuscripts, but also support them in their journey so that by the end they are confident authors ready to be seen and celebrated as a thought leader. The same framework of mindset, strategy, healing, and expression is the same for any creative struggling to bring their art to the world. She supports her community through her free Facebook community (The Bleed Ink Tribe —, and through international workshops and retreats.

Show Notes:

I loved chatting with Rocky! Mindset is a big part of how she’s created her success. In fact, it’s a big part of how she got up the courage to finally write and publish her novels. Here are some of my takeaways from the interview:

  • A mantra for any writer who needs to give herself radical permission to do the writing: “I am worthy and able”
  • Relationships and connections are so important to successfully marketing a self-published book, so build these up as much as you can prior to launch day
  • Search Twitter (and other social sites) for hashtags people are using in order to find people who are interested in your book topic (Rocky shared a killer tip for how she used this strategy to get major visibility for one of her books)
  • See yourself as a servant leader for your target readers–connect your books to your bigger purpose
  • Find ways to associate pleasure with doing your writing, that way your mind is tricked into actually wanting to sit down and write

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