The Pro Writer Mindset: What It Really Takes to Be A Bestselling Author

The Pro Writer MindsetThis is a book I’ve wanted to write for a while now, because after spending the last decade and a half of my life deep in the writing world, I’ve found success mindset to be the biggest thing missing. And the truth is, a lot of writers have bad habits, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and all kinds of BS nonsense holding them back from being the writer and author they dream of being.

Are you one of those writers?

If you are, you have a choice (and even if you’re not, you still have a choice): do you want to create the writing life you dream of having, where everything you desire is possible? Or do you want to live in a reactive writing world created by the limiting beliefs and negative mindsets of those who came before you?

I believe we can write our own rules and that destiny isn’t a pre-destined place… it’s a place you create along the way as you discover and decide what it is you really want. 

There’s nothing that you must do in order to have the writing career you dream of, but there’s always something for you to do. What that means is, you get to create the writing life you want and you can do it on your terms BUT you can’t just want something and sit on your ass. You have to actually take action every single day.

That’s what The Pro Writer Mindset is all about. It’s about going inside, clearing out the clutter, deciding what you want, getting aligned with it and then watching it show up in your real life.

This interactive eBook will help you get clear on what you want, clear out the internal clutter, get your mind in the right place and get you taking action on your writing dream, whatever it may be. And I even did a full breakdown of the mindset, practical and energetic actions I used to make my book (Align Your Writing Habits to Success) a Best Seller on Amazon (in multiple categories!!).

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2 Replies to “The Pro Writer Mindset: What It Really Takes to Be A Bestselling Author”

  1. You’re one tough cookie, but you’re absolutely right. I don’t know why I have been holding back from actually writing my stories, especially when I keep getting such positive feedback from people that tell me they love the idea. Now I see. It’s been my choices.
    Thanks for putting this great book out there. Looking forward to working with you.

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