Uncover Your Authentic Writing Voice By Asking These Questions

In today’s digital world, it’s tough for authors to stand out in the sea of authors out there who write about the same or similar topics. That’s why you have to do something to rise above the crowd and make an impact.

Your writing voice is the way to do that.

While at the TRIBE Conference, I heard from a speaker named, Emily P. Freeman, who talked about how to cut to the core and finally uncover your authentic writing voice–and the things you’re meant to be writing about.

And she mentioned a trio that–when combined–creates a powerful, authentic voice that you can use to stand out and connect with your ideal audience. Those three things are:

  1. Frustration
  2. Passion
  3. Hope

Freeman says you must have all three of these things, or it just won’t work. She even had a name for each “false formula,” or combo that was missing one ingredient:

Frustration + Passion = Cynical Ranter (you’re ranting and complaining, but without hope that anything can or will change)

Frustration + Hope = Rote Duty (you’re writing out of a sense of duty–because you think you should–and not because you’re passionate about it)

Passion + Hope = Boring Optimism (without the frustration, you’re just writing about sunshine and roses, which is great, but not enough to connect with an audience on a deeper level)

When you write with only two of those three required ingredients, you end up with a failed combo that doesn’t amount to a thriving fan base. Your readers want to follow a leader (aka: author) who has all three ingredients in their writing.

So, what if you have no idea how to create this combo for yourself? Freeman shared three questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What bothers and/or frustrates me? 
  2. What am I passionate about? (Freeman says, “pay attention to what makes you cry,” as she believes that’s where your passion can be found.)
  3. Where do I see hope? 

To give you an example, here are my answers to those questions:

I’m extremely frustrated by the limiting beliefs and lack thinking that most writers have. It seriously pisses me off, especially when we live in the digital age and have this incredible thing known as the Internet. It makes no sense to me that writers think anything except that they have the power to have it all and on their terms.

Because of this frustration, I’m extremely passionate about showing writers how to step into the identity of who they want to be as a writer and author. I do this by living my dream writing life, every single day, in whatever way I can, and creating amazing results in my writing career, and then passing on everything I’ve learned.

I go beyond hope, because I believe in my heart of hearts that we can have anything we set our minds to and we can create anything we dream of for our writing lives. I want to inspire you to have this same belief and to have hope in what’s possible when you step up to think and act like the writer and author you dream of being.


(Oh, and you can find more from Freeman on Twitter and Instagram: @emilypfreeman )

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