Radical Permission to Indulge In All of the Things That Interest You, Granted

As writers, artists, creators and entrepreneurs we’ve all at one point or another bought into the go-to internet marketing/online business advice that you have to choose a niche and be an expert in one thing. That creating a dream business where we make all the money we desire to make comes from being known as that one thing.

But here’s the problem with that advice…

It’s total bullshit. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur who identifies as multi-passionate.

Sure, you might be an expert in something, you might be known as that one thing and you may have built a business that makes you a lot of money from doing that one thing…but you’re still not living the dream.

A lot of the time you’re totally bored with your business. And if you’re being honest, you know that the business you have right now isn’t the one you always dreamed you’d have.

You want more.

You want a business where you don’t have to choose one thing. Where you can do all of the things that interest you and indulge in every piece of yourself.

The expert mentality doesn’t work for multi-passionate people. And that’s why you’re either still struggling with your business or why you’re successful as the expert in one thing and yet still not feeling fulfilled.

This isn’t about expertise, this is about your art. It’s about your gifts and your talents. It’s about sharing all of you with the world.

I know how it feels to have gone through all of the online business training programs (HMBA, B-School, etc), and to have created a $70k+ a year and growing business built around something I’m an expert in, and still not feel like I’m living the dream. Because there was so much of me not being expressed.

Business is supposed to be about expressing all of you. It’s supposed to be about living your dream creative life where you get to create and indulge in every part of who you really are.

I knew this from age 11 when I launched my very first business alongside one of my childhood BFFs: Handmade Crafts by Jennifer and Nikki. We made sock dolls and sweatbands and whatever else we felt like making and sold it at a local craft show with my aunt who made jewelry.

Back then I wasn’t trying to be an expert in anything or niche down. I was just doing my thing. Creating my art. Making the things I wanted to make. And then selling it for money.

That’s what online business is really about: creating art. Making the things you want to make. And then selling it for money.

But somewhere along the way the “be an expert” mentality grabbed hold of all of us and we started living our lives and operating our businesses by it. Which is why there are so many online entrepreneurs who are still struggling and who are still not sure what their niche is and who still can’t find that one thing they’re an expert in.

It’s why so much of you is still not being expressed, even if you’re currently making five figures, six figures or even seven figures in your business.

Sure, the money is great. But it was never about the money.

You got into business to make a difference, for others and for yourself. You got into business to feel fulfilled and to create art and share your gifts and talents with the world.

So it’s time for you to finally start doing that.

It’s time to let go of the expert mentality and instead give yourseld radical permission to indulge in all of the things that interest you. To do and be all of who you are, and then share it with the world.

This year I finally gave myself permission to do that. To create my business around being who I really am… a multi-passionate creative badass who has lots of talents and interests and gifts to share with the world.

To stop forcing myself to live and operate by the expert mentality that’s sucking the passion out of being an online entrepreneur.

This year I wrote books and created workshops on topics that I wanted to write about (not just topics that related to the expertise my business has been built around for the last decade). This year I launched my dream business–Dream Life Or Bust–and with it gave myself radical permission to write about whatever I want to write about, create whatever I feel like creating, and completely be the multi-passionate person I’ve always been and have been surpressing for years in favor of choosing one thing to be an expert in.

Am I still an expert? Hell yes.

I’m an expert in being me. I’m an expert in going after my dreams and allowing myself to indulge in all of my passions and interests.

I’m an expert in creating my art.

And going forward that’s the only expertise I ever plan on having. I no longer what to live and operate by the “be an expert” and “pick a niche” mentality.

I want to be who I really am and fully share my art, my gifts, my talents, my passions and my interests with the world. I want to and have given myself radical permission to create the things that I want to create and to put those creations out into the world so others can enjoy them too.

Right now that looks like this: Dream Life Or Bust–the blog, the book club, the t-shirt line, the digital magazine, the card deck, the book publishing company.

And I will continue to create the art that I want to make. Whatever comes to me and feels like a HELL FUCK YES!!

As I create this art, I will continue to call in my tribe, the multi-passionate writers, artists, creators and entrepreneurs of the world. The ones who don’t want to be an expert in anything except being who they are. The ones who want to also give themselves radical permission to do and be all of the things that they’re passionate about and that interest them.

The ones who are tired of making thousands of dollars (and sometimes hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars) a month and still not feeling fulfilled or living the dream.

By giving myself radical permission to just be who I am and to indulge in, create and share all of my gifts, talents, ideas and projects with the world, I have fully stepped into my dream creative life. The life I’ve always wanted and the art I got into business for in the first place.

If you’re multi-passionate, you’re not meant to niche down, you’re not meant to be an expert in just one thing. And doing so is what’s keeping you stuck, stagnant, blocked and unfulfilled.

Multi-passionate entrepreneurs should operate in their true zone of genius, which is doing ALL of the things, not just one of them.

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, artist, creator and/or entrepreneur and you’re ready to finally give up the expert mentality and give yourself radical permission to indulge in all of the things you’re passionate about, good at and that interest you, say HELL YES I’M MULTI-PASSIONATE!! in the comments. Let’s start a movement around radical permission and acceptance of being who we really are: multi-passionate and damn proud of it.

Dream life or bust,


#DreamLifeOrBust #DailyThinkDifferent

P.S. Multi-passionate writers, artists, creators and entrepreneurs of the world, I see you, I honor you, I am you. And together we can shake the online business world by being who we are, indulging in all of who we are and never, ever choosing just one thing. It’s time to not just build an expertise business, but a dream business around all of the things you’re passionate about and good at, and finally having the fulfillment that you’ve always wanted. It’s time to step up and show the world your art. Your true art. The art that comes from the inside and not from an expertise you picked up along the way.

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