Say Yes To Things That Are A “Hell Yes” And Then Take Immediate Action From Where You Are With What You’ve Got Right Now

Today at 3 p.m. Eastern Time is the debut episode of my new online radio show, 35 and Divorced (if you want to listen live be sure to download the W4WN Radio app from the app store, or visit at 3 p.m. ET).

The opportunity to do this radio show happened three weeks ago. I sent an email out to my community sharing an update about what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. And one of my subscribers wrote back to me and said he loves my emails and then offered me the opportunity to speak with the producer of his online radio show about possibly doing my own show.

His email intrigued me, so I, of course, wrote back and told him I was interested in having a conversation to learn more about it. Two days later I was on the phone with his radio show producer.

I learned all about the opportunity and what would be required of me. I knew right away it was a HELL YES! I could feel it in every ounce of my being.

So I said YES, but that I’d also need to work out some of the logistics to make it happen. The producer and I scheduled a second call to discuss how to make it work.

I almost didn’t get on the second call because I was scared that I couldn’t do what it takes. But then I remembered that I’m magic and that I get to have everything I want and that I’m never, ever alone because the Universe is always co-creating with me.

I got on the second call and talked to the producer. We came up with a plan to make it happen. We scheduled a third call for a week later, to check in on how things were going and if I was ready to dive in.

I knew right away that I wanted this. It was a HELL YES from the first moment I heard about it. So I just decided to believe.

I decided to say YES and believe that the logistics of whatever else needed to happen would show up and/or present themselves to me so that I could do it. 

Not even a few days later, everything I needed to get started aligned and I was able to jump right in. 

The producer and I chose a show time and start date, which was only two weeks away. I knew it would be a crunch to get everything done and ready by that time, but I said YES to the start date anyhow. And then I just decided to trust.

Things rolled along and by the end of the second week I had everything in place, except for one thing. I needed an intro and outro to use for the show.

I hired someone to do the intro and outro for me, but it wasn’t going to be done by the start date. 

Most people would’ve pushed the start date off and waited for the professional intro and outro to be finished. And I get that, because it seems like the most practical thing to do.

But I’m someone who believes in saying YES to things that are a HELL YES and then doing what I can from where I am currently with what I’ve got available to me. 

So when I found out the professional intro and outro wouldn’t be done in time, I decided to record a quick version myself that I could use temporarily for the first episode, and then I’ll just replace it for the second episode.

Why wait, right? Why push it off because things aren’t perfect? 

Yet that’s what most people do. Most people will wait, wait, wait… until they’re ready; until the timing is better; until everything magically aligns; until the professional intro and outro are finished; until… until… until…

But if you wait, you’ll always be waiting.

So for today’s episode, I’m using an intro and outro that are going to be replaced by a much better intro and outro for episode 2. Why? 


And I’m doing what I can, from where I’m currently at, with what I have available to me at the moment. 

What’s great is, that’s all you ever have to do. Just say yes to things that are a HELL YES for you and then do whatever you can from where you are right now and with what you’ve got available at the moment. 

No, it won’t be perfect. But you’ll be making progress and you can always make changes later.

Don’t fall into the belief that things have to be perfect or even that you have to be “ready” before you can do the things you want to do. They don’t and you don’t.

The truth is, you’ll never really be ready for anything that you desire or dream of doing. No one ever is.

You just have to trust that HELL YES feeling when you get it, say YES to whatever caused that feeling to arise, and then take baby steps and do whatever you can right now, from where you’re at, with what you’ve got.

Period. End of story.

That’s how you live and move toward your desires and dreams. 

Dream life or bust,


P.S. Don’t forget to join me at 3 p.m. ET on Mondays for my new online radio show, 35 and Divorced!!! Oh, and if you’d love to be a guest on the show, send me a message telling me why you want to be on the show and let’s chat.

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