Starting Over In Your Mid-30s

My brand new novella, The Rules, is now available!!!! 

It’s women’s contemporary fiction/romantic-comedy and a quick read that you will love if you enjoy those genres. 

Here’s a blurb of what it’s about: 

Nora Reid is divorced, broke, jobless, and living on her brother’s couch. The furthest thing from her mind is another relationship. But she has a life rule that says she can only have sex if she’s in a relationship. No hook-ups. No one-night stands.

Enter James Andrews, her long-time college friend who enjoys living the single life. Random women. Lots of sex. No attachment.

Understanding Nora’s plight, James comes up with an idea: the two of them should have an open relationship. That way she can maintain her life rule and have regular sex, while also allowing for Mr. Right to show up later when she’s ready for him. 

Together they come up with three rules for their relationship: no commitment, no obligations, and no expectations. It should be no problem… or so they thought.

Buy your copy in print and/or eBook here and help me celebrate the end of 2021.

Dream life or bust,

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