Stop Freaking Stopping Yourself Already!

This morning while I was doing my daily feel-good (mindset + energy) practice, I got to the part where I usually do an EFT video from YouTube and I decided instead of consciously choosing the video, I’d let my subconscious choose it.

I clicked over to my “New Beliefs” playlist that has like 70 different tapping (EFT) videos on it. I closed my eyes and then I said out loud: “What is the one video I need to watch right now to bust through my blocks and get into ease and flow?”

With my eyes still closed, I started to scroll up and down the page. And then when I felt like I had my finger positioned over the right video, I tapped the screen and then opened my eyes to see which video I’d be doing.

It was a video called: Stop Stopping Yourself.


Talk about serious intuitive guidance!!

Because one of my deepest fears is a fear of success, and anytime I’m on a roll and doing really well, I somehow find a way to stop myself, either physically or energetically. So it didn’t at all surprise me that this was the video my subconscious chose as the answer to my question.

I listened to the video. I followed along and tapped and said the phrases out loud.

Right after, I immediately felt better. I felt more empowered. I felt more ready. I felt more willing to take on the unknown.

It stirred something up in me.

Now I’m sitting here writing this, reflecting on what an amazing choice that video was for me today. And I realized that, if we just allowed yourself to operate from a place of intuition and a place of alignment all of the time, we would so easily create the lives we dream of.

The truth is, you already have the answers inside for EVERYTHING you need to know to get where you want to go and be the person you want to be.

One of my mentors always says we were born with a blueprint inside us for all of the success and dreams we want to achieve. But in order to use that blueprint, you must learn how to tap into it.

And a big part of tapping into it is being willing to surrender control and trust that what’s inside is real, and if you choose to follow your heart and trust your intuition, it will lead you where you want to go.

I love spending time each morning tuning into what’s inside and creating the high-vibe energy I want to feel. Once I’m amped to that level, everything I do afterward just works.

The videos I create flow, in one take. I kill my workouts at the gym. The ideas I have cause me to be on fire with passion and excitement. I always know what to write in my blog posts and for my Daily Think Different message. Divine Downloads become a daily norm.

It’s a beautiful thing. And it only comes from giving myself permission to tune in and then listen to and act on what I hear and feel inside.

Yesterday, after a convo with an entrepreneur-friend, I had a Divine Download about something I need to create. I wrote it all down and made the decision that I would put it out into the world today.

But this morning I felt fearful about it. And putting it out there from that space would have been a huge mistake.

So first I got myself aligned and into a feel-good space, and then I created a video talking more about my idea and letting people know how to get in touch with me if they’re interested in being part of it. I put the video out there and I already have messages in my inbox from people who want to join me.


Because when you get into alignment and feel good, you take action. You act on your ideas. You let your passion and your excitement to be your fuel. You don’t allow anything–including yourself–to stop you.

And from that place, everything is possible.

One of the main ways I’ve stopped myself in the past has been buying into the belief that I don’t have time to feel good. I don’t have time to intentionally create the energy and feelings that I want to have. Convincing myself it’s not that important and that what I should be doing is diving into my work day immediately after I wake up.

When I KNOW all of that is bullshit. When I KNOW that not only is doing my daily mindset and energy work important, but it’s really the only thing I need to be doing every day. Especially when I don’t feel like it.

But a fear of success will do that to you.

It will find a way to convince you that what matters is all of the shit on the outside. The actions, the strategies, the rules, the things other people say.

The fear of success will have you starting and stopping over and over again, never really creating the momentum you need to sustain it.

So this is when you must learn to trust what you feel inside and trust that you actually can handle the success and everything that comes with it. This is when you must let the inside be a louder and more powerful influence than the noise on the outside.

Otherwise you’re just gonna start and stop forever. And that definitely won’t get you where you dream of going.

Dream life or bust,


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