Stop Lying to Yourself

You KNOW what’s holding you back. You KNOW what you’re letting stand in your way. You KNOW where you’ve been giving your power for who knows how long. 

It’s just that you’re not willing to admit it to yourself.

Not yet willing to do the hard thing of facing into the fire and dealing with what needs to be dealt with, or walking away from what needs to be walked away from. Not yet willing to give yourself full permission to forgive what has been, and do and become what you know is meant to be. 

You’ve been hiding. Playing small. Dimming your light. Pretending like you’re not really who you know you actually are. 

And the funny thing is, deep down, you also know you have what it takes.  

You’ve got creative gifts to share with the world. You’ve achieved so much already and you know that when you put your full energy behind something, it works and usually better than you even imagined.

And you know what you have to do and who you have to be to get to your next level. 

You’re just not doing it. You just not being it. 

But you know that you could be.

You see the vision inside of you, and you know the person you’re meant to be. You see her in all of her glory. You see what she’s created. You see the life she lives. You see the impact she makes. 

And you know you could be her. 

You know you could simply and finally choose to let go of what’s keeping you in this Groundhog’s Day holding pattern. The one where your next level is right-freaking-there, but it still feels out of reach. 

You could end this pattern, and go and be that version of you right now. You’re just choosing not to. 

So the question you need to know the answer to is: WHY?

Why are you not stepping up and becoming that version of you, the one you see and know is inside of you? The one you know you’re capable of being. 

Why are you still allowing yourself to play small? 

Why are you still waiting? 

Why are you still doing those things that you know no longer serve you or support you in living the life you desire?

What payoff are you getting from it?

What are you getting from continuing to indulge in your BS day in and day out?

THAT’S what you need to know.

Once you know that, you’ll see why nothing has changed even though you feel like you’ve been doing the work. 

Even though you’ve been putting in the blood, sweat and tears. Maybe for years. 

Even though you’ve got your mindset on point and you feel like you’re finally on the right path for you. 

Until that payoff becomes less important; until you realize and accept what you’ve been ultimately doing all of this time – being a slave to your own bullshit – nothing will change.

Things will stay mostly the same as they are right now. And next year will be pretty much the same year as this one. 

Groundhog’s Day yet again. 


And ever. 

And ever. 

Until you die. 

And all along, one simple thing could’ve changed the entire trajectory of your life: Choosing to let go of what’s stopping you.

Time is ticking by. The years are passing faster and faster.

When are you going to choose YOU?

Dream life or bust,

P.S. I needed this ass-kicking BIG TIME today! And I know you did too. 

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