Stop Making Dating So Damn Hard

So many people make dating harder than it needs to be and they also end up limiting who’s available to them, simply because they’re trying to figure out the How instead of letting it come to them.

The How of receiving what you desire is never, ever up to you. Sure, you can have some ideas or preferences for How something happens, but ultimately, the Universe decides the How.

And it always ends up being something you never would’ve or could’ve thought of on your own.

So knowing this, why would you ever try to figure out How you’ll receive the man (or woman), love and relationship you desire? It makes no sense and is a waste of your time.

Now you may be thinking, “OK fine, I’ll bite. Tell me what I should be doing instead of trying to figure out the How.”

And I’m gonna do that. But first, let’s look at what trying to figure out the How yourself looks like.

When you’re trying to figure out the How yourself, you do things like:

  • Tell yourself you have to be on dating apps
  • Make profiles on every dating app out there
  • Spend hours of your day/week/month endlessly swiping left and right on a catalog of photos, hoping to make a connection with someone
  • Focus your time on wondering when it’s gonna happen for you and worrying it might not
  • Talk to guy after guy after guy
  • Go on date after disappointing date after disappointing date
  • Feel frustrated, annoyed, sad, hurt, unworthy/not good enough and like you never get to have what you want

If you recognize yourself in any of that, honey, I’ve been there too! But I made the choice not to stay there and not to believe that I had to figure out the How in any way, shape or form.

I decided that I just got to live my life and be in trust and faith, and when I was, the guy I desired would eventually show up.

I let it go. I released the How.

And in doing so, I also released:

  • Having to be on dating apps
  • Spending hours scrolling and swiping on photos
  • The worry that I wasn’t worthy or good enough to have what I wanted
  • Having to talk to guy after guy after guy
  • Going on date after disappointing date
  • Feeling frustrated, hurt, sad and annoyed

I decided that I didn’t have to date the traditional way. I could simply be in the identity of the version of me who already had the dream man and relationship, and the How to getting that outcome would be shown to me as a result of who I was being.

I decided to man-ifest love. ‘Cause that’s way easier and way more fun.

Four months after deciding all of that, my dream guy showed up and he was better than I ever could’ve imagined, and the How happened in a way only the Universe would’ve been able to orchestrate.

Stop making receiving the dream man (or woman), love and relationship you desire so freaking hard!!

It doesn’t have to be. It can be as easy and as natural as breathing.

But first, ya gotta give up trying to figure out the How.

Dream life or bust,


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