Stop Worrying About the People Who Are “Doing It Better Than You Are”

Tonight I attended the opening celebration for Infinite Receiving LIVE, a two-day event created by one of the most badass people I know (Maru Iabichela). And as I met and talked to all these women who I see online every day, including the ones who are super well-known and famous (including Jaya Rose and Agapi Stassinopoulos), I realized something—these people are just like me.

Yes, they may be a little further along than I am and a little more successful in the moment, but they’re human. They’re real people, just like you and I are.

And the moment we STOP putting the people we admire or who are “famous” on a pedestal and just accept that they’re as real and human as we are, is the moment we can finally step into who we’re really meant to be.

Because when you get intimidated or triggered by the people you admire or who are well-known and famous, you have a choice. You can either let them continue to trigger and intimidate you.

Or you can finally fully get that those people, the ones you admire and put on a pedestal, aren’t special; they’re not better than you and they don’t have something that you don’t have.

They’ve just been more consistent than you’ve been. And more willing to be visible and put themselves out there and show the world who they are. They’re just people who are living for their art.

They’re PEOPLE. Humans. Just like you are.

And when you get that. When you completely and totally get that on a deep level, that’s when you’ll stop worrying that you’re not good enough and telling yourself that you can’t do the thing you want to be doing and that you’re better off playing small.

You’re not better off playing small. No way in hell.

Playing small is actually the only reason why you’re still where you are right now—not having the success and the results that you want.

Having the chance to be around these incredible women tonight just made me see how much POWER we truly have. It’s just that most of us aren’t using it.

And so it’s time.

It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to fully show up as who you are. It’s time to OWN what you came here to do.

Your playing small serves no one. It helps no one. It inspires no one, including yourself.

The only way to achieve the dream life—the life where you’re well-known and famous for your art, is to remove the people you admire from the pedestal you’ve put them on and finally see that you’re just like they are.

And there’s no reason to tell yourself they’re better than you. They’re not. You’re just as good, just as awesome, just as creative.

It’s just that they’re owning it right now and you’re not.

So fucking own it!!

Fucking go out there and DO and BE the thing you’ve always dreamed of. Right now, today.

Because all you ever have is this moment right here, right now.

And you already have EVERYTHING that it takes to be successfully YOU.

So own that shit.

Dream life or bust,


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