Story Structure 101

In this Periscope replay, I:

  • Give an overview of story structure
  • Explain how all of the plot points work

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What’s your favorite plot point, and why?


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2 Replies to “Story Structure 101”

  1. I think too often we get hung up about writing our first big novel when there are, in fact, a ton of writing opportunities around us to guide us in gently! I do daily tips I tweet – after a year I’d have enough material there to blow up into a full size book – it doesn’t have to be a novel, something informative can rock the world too. Or you might keep a diary or write a review blog – day by day one entry doesn’t take a lot out of us, and after a while you have some serious material to work with!

    1. @Kent Absolutely. If you’re not ready to take on a novel (which is a big project) there are lots of other ways to get writing in.

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