Support Other Creative People: Here’s How

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There are thousands of creative people out there trying to make a living doing what they love. I know you are too.

You have dreams. You have creative goals you want to reach.

And the way you reach them is through having an audience that supports you and what you do.

Being a creative entrepreneur is a gift. You’re offering your creative work to the world and they’re embracing it and supporting you so you can continue to do your work.

That’s why it’s important to support each other, support the work we’re all doing as creative entrepreneurs in the world.

How To Support Another Creative

When you give your support to creative people whose work you enjoy, you’re telling the Universe that you want people to support you and your work. When you give, you receive, that’s how life works.

So here are some suggestions for how you can support your favorite writers, artists, musicians, coaches, etc.:

  • Buy their book/artwork/music/program—the easiest, most direct way to support your favorite creative people is to buy the work they do, which allows them to do more of that work
  • Tweet a message about how great they are and then link to their website
  • Share some of their posts on your Facebook timeline/page
  • Join the free programs, calls or webinars they’re hosting—and share a link so others can join too
  • Attend a local talk/presentation they’re giving, if you live in their area
  • Go to a concert and cheer them on—who doesn’t love live music? Go see your favorite local artist play live next time she has a show
  • Comment on their blogs
  • Share the articles they post on their blogs

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How do you support your favorite creative people?


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