The 3 Parts To A Simple, Yet Super Effective Daily Mindset Practice

1. Clear

Before you can begin to reprogram your mindset (mindset = your beliefs, thoughts, perspective + how you feel), you must first clear the clutter and BS out. This is something you’ll want to do every day, even for a few minutes.

My favorite ways to clear:

> Freestyle, stream-of-consciousness writing (write whatever comes out for at least one page)
> EFT/Tapping (Brad Yates is my fave on YouTube)
> Meditation
> Your Hidden Mind (a memory reconsolidation program)

2. Reset to Truth

This step involves two parts—reminding yourself of the truths about you and the universe we live in (such as: you are a Divine Child of God, you have source energy within you, your thoughts become things, etc), and affirming the truths you’re now choosing to create about yourself and your life (the new positive beliefs you want to create).

My favorite ways to do reset to truth:

> Intention setting—write out in the positive present or past tense (as if it’s already true or true now) statements of the truths you now choose to believe
> Record yourself saying all of these affirmative statements and listen to it every day
> Write out your “new story” of you and your life, either write it out daily or write it once and read it daily
> Listen to audios about life and Law of Attraction from Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley or anyone you resonate with

3. Feel It

The final step in this simple daily mindset practice is to feel all of these truths—both the universal ones and the ones you’re creating about yourself and your life.

Feeling is the most important part. You can Clear and Reset to Truth all you want to, but if you’re not feeling that truth inside yourself and in your emotions and feelings, then you’re missing part of the puzzle.

Feeling good is the path to receiving the things you desire and having those truths become your new norm. Feeling good is also the whole reason you want those things in the first place (because you think having/doing/being those things will make you feel good or at least better than you do right now).

You can only get to the life of your dreams on the feel-good path. So make sure it’s part of your daily mindset practice.

Energy matters.

My favorite ways to feel it:

> Visualize and steep yourself in the feeling of having it, being it and doing it now
> Guided meditation
> Dance
> Just go do something that makes you feel good

I’ve been doing a daily mindset practice since August 2015 and it’s one of the most important things I do for myself and my life every day.

Even 2-5 minutes on each of these steps each day can improve and change your inner world and your external life FAST.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Dream life or bust,


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