The 7 Truths Of Being Multi-Passionate

Let me ask you a question… are you multi-passionate? Are there lots of things you’re good at and want to be doing?

If so, you’re just like me—a multi-passionate creative. (I actually call myself a multi-passionate writer because at my core I am a writer.)

And while being multi-passionate is AWESOME it does require you to operate your life by a different set of principles.

So I’ve made you an audio to give you my 7 truths for being multi-passionate. These are the principles I live my life by and I hope they will resonate with you too.

I’d love to hear any insights that come up for you after listening to this audio, so hit “reply” to this email and share them with me, or post them in my free Facebook group, the 1% Writers Club.

Dream life or bust,


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