The Myth Of Having It All

Most believe that having it all means you only have the good stuff, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!!

Having it all doesn’t mean you only have the good stuff. It means you literally have it ALL–the things you want AND EVERYTHING that comes with it.

THAT is having it all.

And the real truth is, most people are NOT WILLING to have it all.

Sure, they may think they want to have it all, but when it really comes down to it, they don’t. Because they only want the good stuff. They only want the fun part, the feel-good part, and they want the rest to not exist.

Except it doesn’t work that way. Sorry to burst your pretty little having-it-all bubble.

If you’re going to have it all, you’re going to have it ALL. ALL of it. Your desire and it’s baggage, whatever that might be.

If you want to have the body you dream of, it comes with the discipline of working out and eating well and being consistent with it.

If you want the business success, it comes with the uncertainty and risk of being an entrepreneur.

If you want the amazing, soulmate relationship with the man of your dreams, it comes with the pain of releasing the relationship or men who are not that.

I have a feel-good life right now because I was willing to go through the pain it took to get here.

Because I believed there was more for me than a mediocre life and I WANTED it.

Because I was willing to walk through the fires of my life to get it.

The fire of quitting my day job to work for myself and all of the uncertainty and risk it came with. Of divorce and leaving an almost 13-year relationship. Of saying no to things that weren’t aligned for me, even when I needed the money. Of falling and failing and shifting and pivoting and changing my mind until things started to be how I wanted them.

The real reason most people won’t ever get to have it all is that they’re way too comfortable with being comfortable.

And what’s crazy is, even in that comfort zone, you’re still not very comfortable, because while you’re sitting in that fluffy ‘ol comfy place, you’re looking out at the life you really want and the things you desire to have, and they’re always over there. And that HURTS.

Like, it really hurts.

It stings every time you see someone else living the life you want or having the thing you desire to have. But the truth is, if someone else has it, then it’s available for you too.

The only difference between you and that other person is they were willing to have it ALL, and you’ve been avoiding the pain of getting what you really want.

You can’t get to feeling good without first feeling bad–a little pain, a fire you have to walk through–because it’s in the contrast where you get clear on what you actually want.

Pain avoidance creates a mediocre life. Embracing pain and knowing that it’s a purposeful part of getting what you want, creates the life of your dreams.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m here for the dream life.

Dream life or bust,


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