The One Thing Standing In The Way Of Reaching Your Dreams

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This post has one simple point. And I’m not going to spend a long time trying to make it.

The thing is, you have goals in life that you want to reach. You have family goals and creativity goals and writing goals and health goals.

But there’s something standing in the way of you reaching those goals.

Your Priorities

Your priorities are your actions, not what you say or write down. If you’re not making time for yourself, time to spend writing and creating, your priorities aren’t aligning with your goals.

The most important person in your life is you. You are the only one who has always been with you and who will always be with you.

It’s time to start making yourself and your dreams a priority.

You take care of your family, your friends. You do nice things for your coworkers. You do your best to make the world a happy, fabulous place for everyone around you.

But what about you? Who gets to make the world a happy, fabulous place for you?

The only answer, is you.


Back in grade school you learned the “Golden Rule,” which is “treat others the way you want to be treated.” So let me ask you… what makes you think this doesn’t apply to the way you treat yourself?


It’s time to start treating yourself and your dreams with the same care, love and respect you treat others with.

When you make yourself and your dreams a priority, you show other people that it’s OK for them to do the same thing. Set an example and show people that it’s OK to celebrate being you.

Yes, in life you should care about other people and you should do your best to help others, but that doesn’t mean you get to take a back seat.

You deserve all good things. You deserve to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You deserve to reach that writing goal, the one buried deep in your soul.

Today, take good care of yourself. Have some “me” time. Do something indulgent.

Spend two hours reading. Take a bubble bath. Take some creativity time.

And most importantly, do not, I repeat DO NOT feel guilty about it! You deserve a little time for yourself every single day.

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