The Only Book On Craft You’ll Ever Need

The only book on craft you’ll ever need. Buy your copy here.

My Write Your Damn Story workshop is off and running, and I’m pumped! This is my most favorite time of year (aside from NaNo time, of course!).

I love helping writers get a better understanding of storytelling and the principles of writing stories that sell. 

I used to call this workshop Write Your Damn Novel, but then in 2018 I spent my year writing (and revising) screenplays (two of them, to be exact), and I discovered something… writing a screenplay is the same as writing a novel, as far as the storytelling aspects go. The only thing that’s different is how you execute the first draft.

With a novel, you get to be more wordy and descriptive. With a screenplay, you’ve got to be concise and focused on telling the story visually and through dialogue. 

But the storytelling part is the same.

You still need a Concept. You still need a plot. You still need a Protagonist with a goal. You still need an Antagonist with an opposing goal. You still need a character arc. You still need opposition. You still need the 6 specific plot points. You still need… 

I think you get where I’m going with this.

Storytelling is storytelling, whether you’re writing a novel, a screenplay, a short story or something else. It’s all the same.

And, really, this is a great thing, because it means as soon as you master craft you can write ANYTHING. I made the switch from novels to screenplays with total ease last year because of how much I know about craft.

CRAFT is what really matters. 

Not the words you write. Not the genre you choose. Not the type of writing you’re doing (novel, screenplay, short story, whateva). 

Craft. Period.

Problem is, most writers are clueless when it comes to craft. They’re behind their computers writing Episodic Narratives and they don’t even realize it (which is so sad… and I used to be in that boat years back).

If you’re ready to master craft, here’s the resource I recommend you pick up immediately:

  • Story Engineering by Larry Brooks (BEST book on craft, hands down, end of story)

The information in this book CHANGED MY LIFE. So much so that I literally divide my life in half… before Story Engineering and after. It was that impactful for me.

Thanks to Larry’s work, I’m now able to do my true work in the world in a way I never could before. 

If it wasn’t for what I’ve learned from working with Larry and from reading Story Engineering and Larry’s blog and other books and articles, I wouldn’t have been able to write and revise 2 screenplays last year (from scratch) and submit them to three contests (one of which I actually intend to win).

This is a book every writer needs in their arsenal. And, really, if you have this book, you’re pretty much set for life (although it’s still fun to read and learn more).

I’ve been shouting the praises of this book since it came out in 2010, and I will shout its praises forever.

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