The Real Truth About Everything You Desire And Dream Of

Feeling good is the point and the path. There. I just saved you years of struggle, stagnation and fear. I just gave you the key to living the life you truly desire.

Problem is, you probably don’t believe that. 

I know I didn’t. Not at first. I, like so many of you, was taught that good things are fleeting and to always “watch my back” or “knock on wood” so bad things didn’t happen.

But that is total and utter bullshit. Now you know the truth.

There are so many things we desire in our lives. And the reason we want those things is because we think we’ll feel good when we have them.

You may think what you want is the end result. To have the thing you want. To be the person you want to be. To do the things you want to do.

But what you really want is the feeling you believe those things are going to give you. The point of every single thing you want is your belief that having, doing or being those things will make you feel better. 

This is an important distinction. Otherwise you may spend your life chasing end results or desired outcomes and missing the entire point.

Feeling good is the point. And, feeling good is also the path to receiving all of those things you want. 

Let me explain.

Right now you’re at a certain point in your life. You may or may not be happy with where you’re at. And there are definitely more things that you want. 

The path to all of those things you want is feeling good.

Most people are unhappy because they don’t have the things they want. They have unfulfilled dreams, goals and desires, so they won’t allow themselves to fully enjoy life or be happy in the now.

Because they perceive “not being there yet” or “not having that yet” as a disadvantage; as something that says they’re not good enough yet; as a reason to continue putting off their happiness. 

But that’s not at all the case. Not even close. 

Here’s why: Desire never dies.

No matter what you have, how much you achieve or how badass you become, there will always be something more you want. There will always be another “there” for you to get to. 

And so you have to find a way to be happy now and to feel good now. When you do, that’s when you’ll begin receiving more of what you desire.

You can’t get to the things you want by feeling bad or by putting off feeling good. All that does is bring you more things to not feel good about.

How do I know this? 

Because I was once a person who put off my happiness until. Until I achieve another goal. Until I make more money. Until I’m more successful. Until I get out of my marriage. Until… until… until…

Until I finally got it that the circumstances of my current reality don’t actually matter. All that matters is how I choose to feel in every single moment of every single day. 

That’s what’s creating your future. 

So one morning in November 2018, I made the decision to be happy and to feel good now. Today.  

Not tomorrow. Not one day. Not until. 

Right here, right now. And, most importantly, regardless of what my current reality looked like.

When I did that; when I made feeling good a priority, and when I focused my daily life on doing the things that felt good to me, that’s when everything shifted.

First, I just felt good more of the time, which is the whole point. 

And, second, as a side effect of me choosing to feel good no matter what my current reality looked like, my marriage came to an end in the most peaceful, amicable way possible; I gained the freedom I so badly wanted for years; I reconnected with my real self again; and I was, for the first time in my entire life, authentically happy.

Too many people hold off on feeling good. They push their happiness to the back-burner. They convince themselves it’s not OK to feel that way until they get “there.” Then they can feel good. Then they can be happy.

Except it doesn’t work that way. 

Wherever “there” is for you, you’ll never, ever get there if you’re constantly complaining about where you are, worrying that you’re too far behind, or saying things like, “this isn’t working.” 

Because that’s not at all the point.

The point is the journey. The point is the process of getting there. The point is to enjoy everything along the way.

There really isn’t a “there,” because once you achieve something, there’s always something more that you want. Like I said, desire never dies.

So getting “there” just becomes another “I’m still not there yet” if you’re not enjoying the ride. The journey IS the destination.

And the way to enjoy the journey as you make your way to all of your “theres,” is to feel good.

Well, there you have it. I’ve just told you the secret to happiness and receiving everything you dream of and desire. Feeling good.

Because feeling good is the point and the path. 

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