The Soulwork Has To Come First

For the past month, I’ve been doing a daily “gratitude” livestream (M-F) on my personal FB page first thing in the morning. When I got the download for the idea, it felt like a Hell Yes!

I’m big on gratitude. It’s a part of my life daily life, and I wanted to share that with my people.

So I started doing the livestreams. I even began adding in other elements, like an Abundance Booster where I pull a card from the Notes From The Universe On Abundance deck.

It was fun. Until I started to notice something.

Suddenly my morning wasn’t about getting into my desired mental and energetic state for the day, it was about figuring out what I was gonna say on my gratitude livestream and finding the right place to record it.

Now I would OF COURSE still do my daily mindset practice and soulwork (my writing) immediately following said livestreams. But even then, I felt things were a bit off.

My flow wasn’t as good. I didn’t have as deep of a connection or as many ideas as I usually do.

And that’s when I realized by doing the gratitude livestreams first thing in the morning, I’ve been setting the tone of my day by letting the world in.

But what I need to be setting the tone by is serving myself and my connection to God first. Filling my cup up before attempting to fill up others.

And then serving people and letting the world in after that.

This is SO hard to do at times. But it’s a MUST if you want to create from soul and channel from universal energy.

As soon as you let the world in, you’re creating from a different place. And while it may still be coming from soul, it will also be tainted with the world you let in before letting your soul out.

That was the message I was getting about my morning gratitude livestreams. That I was breaking my flow by doing them. That I was disconnecting myself from what really mattered. That I was bending my own rule about creating before consuming (I’d argue I was creating and not consuming, but let’s be real, I was still on social media first thing in the A.M. when I tell my community not to be).

I was feeling this for a week or two now, but I kept chalking it up to resistance and to the fact that I wanted to bring people the message of gratitude first thing in the morning, before they started their days.

So I kept going with the morning livestreams (even though I knew I shouldn’t).

But, thankfully, when you’re not listening to or hearing a message the Universe is sending you internally, you’ll start to get that message presented to you in your physical reality.

For me, that meant coming across a FB post yesterday (this one: that reminded me the soulwork always has to come first. And then again this morning, when I did the final livestream of the morning gratitude series (I may still do the daily gratitude livestreams but just later in the day).

I was sharing on the livestream how I was ending the morning series so I could protect my flow and energetic state and that was why I’m not gonna do the A.M. livestreams anymore.

Right after, I received a comment, praising me for honoring my flow. For me, it was confirmation from the Universe that I’m making the right choice.

And then that was confirmed even further when I clicked through to the commenter’s profile and saw this post:

Honor what matters. Do it first. Do it before you do anything else.

The world will always be there waiting for you afterward.

Dream life or bust,


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