The Thing vs. The Now Thing

There is this nuance of manifestation that I call the Thing vs. the Now Thing.

What I mean by that is… when you’re manifesting, you have two things going on: the thing you want that you know you will one day have but it isn’t something you feel ready for/ready to have yet/ready to manifest yet … it’s part of the vision, and the bigger picture but it’s a future thing. That’s the Thing.

And then there’s the Now Thing. It’s the thing that you want that’s so present you can almost taste it. You have a deep burning desire for it. You want it so badly you can see it (in your mind), you can feel it, you’re vibing with it. It’s the Now Thing that you’re focused on intentionally manifesting.

That Now Thing burning desire creates super potent positive emotion with lower resistance, which puts you on a vibration that matches and will attract the Now Thing you want (this or something better).

Which is why I believe in going for the Now Thing now and not trying to make yourself go for the Thing now instead.

Sometimes the Now Thing is a stepping stone to the Thing, and that’s why you feel such a burning desire for it right now and not as much for the later thing.

For example–I want a lake house. I’ve wanted a lakehouse my entire life. I grew up going to my aunt’s lakehouse and that was it for me. I just knew it.

And while I still want that lakehouse, and I know I will have it, right now it’s the Thing but not the Now Thing. I don’t yet have this burning deep desire for it to be mine NOW. But I know one day I will, and when that day arrives, it will become the Now Thing and I will manifest it.

For the time being, it’s in my peripheral as the Thing.

My Now Thing at the moment is five-figure months from my books. It’s my goal for this year and it’s truly the only thing I want right now. When I think about it, I can see it and feel it inside of myself.

I know it’s already mine, I know it’s going to happen, and now I just get to enjoy the journey and have fun co-creating it with the Universe.

For me, desire is the thing.

If I feel pulled, called, or led to want something, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense from where I am currently, I trust the feeling. I go for the thing while knowing and trusting and believing that when it’s time for the other Things, I’ll know it because I’ll feel it.

I trust that my burning desire for five-figure months from my books could also be a stepping stone to the Things I know I will eventually have, including my lakehouse.

But I don’t ever try to figure out the How. I use my Manifest Method process and let the How come to me (or sometimes the thing I want just *poof* manifests shortly after I use the process).

So… do you know what your Now Things vs Things are? Really give yourself permission to drop all stories, conditions, and shoulds, and just feel into what you really, truly desire right now. The Now Thing that you want so bad you’re willing to do whatever it takes to create it.

Start with your Now Thing–the place where your desire and emotion are the strongest–and let everything else be Things for later.

It’s one of the simplest ways to get more of what you want faster.

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