This Is Why – Even After All You’ve Already Achieved – You Still Don’t Feel Successful

Before I quit my day job in March 2012 to take my business full-time, I would dream of the days when I would have the freedom to sleep in and go for walks on the water and do whatever the hell I wanted all day long. It seemed at times that it would always just be a dream.

But then I did it… I quit my job. I said fuck you to the man. I decided it was time to figure out how to work for myself.

And I did.

I built a near-six figure business doing something I was really, really good at. I was an expert-preneur. I’d created a niche around being an expert at storytelling and writing books.

I was writing and editing books and helping writers write books. I was getting paid to talk about fiction writing and story structure and honestly, there’s nothing better than that.

Writing and storytelling are two of my biggest passions and motivations in life. If there’s anything I am, it’s a writer and a storyteller. My business looked like a dream… from the outside.

But I felt like I was suffocating.

I felt like I had pigeon-holed myself into only being able to talk about and teach about and coach on this one thing, but there were SO MANY other things I wanted to be doing and being and teaching on and talking about.

I secretly hated my business.

I had somehow figured out how to build a sustainable business that made me enough money to continue working for myself and it was growing every year. I should have been happy. I should have wanted to see it grow and become more successful.

But I didn’t. I wasn’t all-in on it.

Because I knew there was more.

More of me to be expressed. More of me to be shared. More things I wanted to be and do.

And I didn’t want to be held back by choosing just one thing.

That’s why I never did. I just dipped my toe into the writing-and-storytelling coaching thing because I didn’t want to get so deep into it that it really did become the only thing I could ever do.

A lot of fear was leading the way during that time in my business, but I can clearly see now why I wasn’t all-in.

And then in mid-2017 I made a decision: Fuck this shit!!

I was DONE believing that I had to choose one thing or be known for one thing or do one thing. I was DONE trying to be more like all the expert-preneurs out there; the ones who found their niche and went on to make millions, while spouting to other entrepreneurs that niching down was the answer.

Don’t get me wrong–I want to make millions and I know that I will. Multi-multi-millions, in fact. (#DontBelieveMeJustWatch)

But on a soul-level; on a level that wasn’t even fully conscious to me, I KNEW that I didn’t want to make my millions just by being a Story Coach. It wasn’t what I was called to do in my soul.

Yes, I LOVE storytelling and I LOVE working with writers on their stories and that will never change. But I was burned out by focusing solely on one thing for so many years.

That works for some entrepreneurs. And people always tell you–“Grow one thing first and then work on others.”

I don’t disagree with that advice. It does work, I’m sure.

It just doesn’t work for me.

I’m multi-passionate. I have a whole different hard drive. And because of this, I have to operate in a totally different way from the expert-preneurs out there.

I have to build a life and business around ALL of my passions in order to feel fully alive and to actually go all-in. I have to be doing EVERYTHING I love to do, on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Or else I feel like my soul is being suffocated.

My soul is multi-passionate. It doesn’t want to do or be just one thing. It’s already many, many things, so choosing one is like a death sentence.

Multi-passionate souls THRIVE on doing ALL the things (not just some of them).

It took me a very long time to finally get this. But now that I have, I’ll never operate my business or life in any other way.

In late 2017, I launched Dream Life Or Bust, my t-shirt line and personal brand built around ALL of the things I’m passionate about.

Now I love my business. I spend my days working on multiple projects and creating and selling the things I want to create and sell. I make it a priority to do the things that make me happy as often as possible.

My business feels good. And I’m finally all-in.

But I’ve never been more all-in as I’m about to be. Because very, very soon…

I’m opening the doors to my brand new 1-1 program and mastermind group, focused entirely on OWNING being multi-passionate and using it to create a life and business around ALL of your passions so you can just get paid to be YOU.

This is something I’ve always felt was needed in the online space, except I was too afraid to be the person out there creating it. But I’ve always known that this is my path.

That I’m here to be a light for multi-passionate writers, creators and entrepreneurs who are tired of playing by everyone else’s rules and ready to do things their own way.

I’m here to serve the creative rebels and multi-passionate visionaries who know they were born to do BIG things in the world. I’m here to support them in getting out of their own way so they can finally do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing and being and creating.

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, creator or entrepreneur who’s already making money in your business or you’re on the fence with the business you currently have because you’re afraid to go all-in, there’s a reason you still don’t feel successful: you haven’t given yourself permission to be ALL of you.

You’re still trying to do things like everyone else is. You’re still trying to follow their strategies. You’re still trying to play by their rules.

And you’re getting mediocre results.

Why? Because those rules DO NOT APPLY to you!

You’re multi-passionate. You play by a whole different set of rules, ones you get to make up yourself. And guess what? The sooner you start to do that, the sooner you’ll feel successful.

I was walking my dog on the lake yesterday morning and thinking about how far I’ve come in the last 6+ years. I went from a corporate drone to a frantic self-employed freelance writer to a story coach with a thriving business that still didn’t quite feel right to the fully unleashed (and continuing to unleash) multi-passionate badass I now choose to be.

I stopped playing by other people’s rules. I started prioritizing feeling good and doing the things that make me feel alive. I threw away the to-do list and now operate from desire, ease and flow.

And it’s made all the difference.

If you’re a multi-passionate writer, creator or entrepreneur who wants to say fuck the rules, prioritize feeling good and doing things that fuel your soul, and throw away your to-do list in favor of soul nudges and flow, I MADE THIS FOR YOU!!!!!

***The Multi-Passionate Mastermind: Build A Life and Business Around ALL of Your Passions and Get Paid to Be YOU***

STAY TUNED… DOORS OPENING Thursday August 9 at Noon CDT.

Dream life or bust,


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