Those Feelings Are The Key To Having What You Want Show Up In Your Reality

You know how it feels to laugh so hard you cry? To fall into a fit of laughter so deep, you can barely stop to breathe before the next fit comes ‘round?

You know how it feels when you do something you’re really proud of? Like speaking your truth, having the hard convo, completing something you started, making something you absolutely love, etc.? 

You know how it feels to buy something you’ve been saving up for? To be able to walk into that store or go to that website, pick out exactly what you want, and then pay for it, cash? 

That’s the same way it feels to receive the things you desire that you don’t have right now. That’s exactly it. 

You feel happy and at peace and so fucking good. You feel joyful and expansive and a sense of knowing that this is what life is meant to feel like and be like for you. 

You have to feel those feelings to bring the things you don’t currently have into your life, because those are the feelings you would feel if you did have what you want. You have to feel them in the now, before you actually have the thing you want. 

One way to do that is to recreate those same feelings every day through mediation, visualization and other feel-good tools. 

Another is to go back to old memories where you felt all of those things before—times when you laughed so hard, you cried; times when you were so happy and proud of yourself; times when you were in love, feeling good, enjoying the hell out of your life. And as those feelings return to you while you’re thinking about those old memories, feel them again, deeply, as if it’s happening right now. 

Another way is to pay attention as you go through your day, noticing moments where those feelings come up for you, and when you notice them, milk it. Milk it for all it’s worth. Stay in that moment, that feeling, that energy, for as long as you possibly can. 

It really doesn’t matter how you create those good feelings inside yourself every day—it may even look different every day. 

What matters is that you do it every day. In some way, shape or form. 

Those feelings are your key to having what you want show up in your reality. 

‘Cause feeling good is the point and the path. 

Dream life or bust,

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The UnLearning because…

 You came here for more than just a mediocre life experience.

 You’re too worthy, too deserving, too good enough to not have everything you desire in this life (and more!).

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 You KNOW your mind is powerful and you want to harness and take back control of that power.

 Your soul is telling you there’s a better, easier, more feel-good, and struggle-free way to go about creating the life you want for yourself.

 You’re a spiritual being having a human experience and you deserve to live your life to the fullest while you’re here.

 You have dreams, goals, and a purpose to live.

 Your desires are from God, for God, and by God, and it’s your duty as a child of God to live your purpose and allow yourself to receive and experience all that you dream of and desire.

 It’s time for you to be in the driver’s seat of your life again.

The UnLearning is:

Part mindset reprogramming

Part practical strategy

Part vibrational up-level

In a super loving, supportive, nurturing private group coaching container with me (Jennifer Blanchard). 

To help you: 

 *Own your worthiness, so you no longer question whether you’re good enough

 *Experience, attract and receive more of what you actually want (and way less of what you don’t)

*Become the next-level you who is on fire with passion, purpose, and excitement

 *Feel amazing, confident, aligned, and just so freaking good inside yourself, so you go after your dreams full force

 *Create certainty and clarity within yourself, so you stop worrying and start living

 *No longer feel “stuck” or “stagnant” in your life and/or business

 *Heal old trauma from the past—for good

 *Manage your vibration on a moment-to-moment basis, so you’re always being a magnet for what you desire

 *Attract more money into your life by changing how you see it and feel about it

 *Call in a dream person and relationship or improve a relationship that you’re already in

 *Have new thoughts, new beliefs, new emotions that align with you being your best self and living your dream life

 *See actual progress start to happen externally in your physical reality

 *And so much more!! 

If you’re fed up with holding yourself back in life, over not being where you want to be, done not having what you want, and are ready and willing to do what it takes to change your life from the inside out, PM me for more details or check the first comment below. 

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