Top 10 Blogs for Writers: Nominate Your Favorite

It’s that time again—annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers time. Every year Write To Done asks for nominations from readers and then a panel of experts chooses the top 10 blogs for the year.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while and enjoy everything you read, I’d love for you to give a nomination to us. Just head on over to the nomination page and leave a comment with a link to this blog and a quick write up on why you think Procrastinating Writers deserves to be one of the top 10 blogs. I really appreciate your support!

And if you don’t want to nominate this blog, that’s cool. I still recommend you head over to the nomination page and nominate your favorite blog—whichever one it happens to be.

Bloggers need readers to tell the world about them, because that’s how more people find the blog and read it. Contests like this also help bring to the forefront the blogs the best to help writers who want to reach their dreams.

So in support of all the hardworking bloggers out there, who are writing their hearts out and bringing you the information you need to make your writing career a reality, please take a minute to nominate your favorite writing blog.

A big thanks—for reading this blog, and for your nominations!


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