Top 10 Reasons You Should Never Hire Me

Online entrepreneurs and coaches are always telling you why you should hire them. But I’m not into being like everyone else.

I don’t want to just work with anyone. That’s not my jam. I want to work with soulmate clients who are fully aligned with me, my message and my movement.

So instead of tell you why you should work with me, I’m gonna tell you why you should NEVER work with me:

1. You agree with the expert mentality and think entrepreneurs should niche down and focus.

2. You believe in choosing one thing.

3. You really are only good at, passionate about and interested in doing one thing.

4. You prefer to procrastinate, make excuses, not take massive action and not get the results you desire in your life and business.

5. You enjoy following the rules and don’t like to be a rebel or rock the boat.

6. A status quo life and business actually suites you.

7. You want to spend years of your life writing, revising and launching your book.

8. You like having separate audiences for everything that you do and want to continue keeping them all separate and spreading yourself thin creating content, marketing, promoting and selling to all of these separate audiences.

9. You have a backup plan for your life and or business.

10. You don’t ever want to figure out a connector that bridges the gap between all the things you do so you can create one business, one movement and a unique audience that’s all your own.

And if you’re opposed to all of the things I listed here and identify as a multi-passionate entrepreneur who knows there is only Plan A and is willing to do whatever it takes to live your dream life, send me an email and I’ll send you the link to apply to work with me.

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