Want The Outcomes You Desire? Commit To Doing What Matters No Matter What

This week, my boyfriend’s store is having its annual sale and there’s gonna be way more people than usual coming in. So he asked me to be an extra hand this week to help out.

Of course, I was down to do this for him, BUT NOT at the expense of what I have going on.

This is a common issue I often see with women. Someone asks them to do something, or there’s something they need to do (like go to a day job or take care of kids), and they believe their dreams and desires and outcomes have to be given up for that to happen.

In my situation, knowing I’m gonna be working upwards of 40 hours helping at my boyfriend’s store this week, most people would set aside their stuff. Just for the week.

But then what happens is, it becomes a habit to set yourself, your stuff, your life, aside for everything and everyone outside of you.

And that’s when resentment and frustration and unhappiness starts to become a regular thing. ‘Cause it’s hard to feel good about helping someone else or doing something someone else asked you to do when you’re not first doing the things you need to do for yourself.

I used to be like that. I used to think I had to sacrifice everything I wanted to do for the things I “had to do” or was “asked to do” by someone else.

Now I know better.

Now I know that when I’m not doing what I need to do for me, for my life, for my soul, I’m no good to anyone else. And I’m also zero fun to be around when I’m not taking care of me.

So today, even though I’m going to the store to work all day starting at 10 am, I still got up at 6.

I walked my dog. I worked out. I did my journaling and mindset practice. I got dressed for the day. I recorded the audio for day 1 of my Reclaim Your Worthiness workshop.

I worked on my new novella for 20 minutes. And then I wrote this message.

I did more in three hours than most do in an entire day. ‘Cause I’ve disciplined myself over the years to do what matters and to do it before I do anything else.

Now, I’m gonna eat and then head out to the store, where I will spend the rest of my day helping other people.

BUT it won’t be at the expense of myself or my stuff. And the best part is, it never has to be. ‘Cept that can only happen if you’re fully committed to the outcomes you desire and doing what it takes to get them.

Dream life or bust,


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