What Are You Gonna Do With The 23 Days Left In 2019?

I can’t seriously believe it’s already almost Christmas. Thirty days from today, it will be one year that me and my ex-husband split.

This year has gone by like a blur.

And while it’s been an incredible year, it definitely was not the year I saw on this day in December 2018. That’s kinda how life goes. One day your life is one way and the next it’s a totally different life.

So the question is… what are you gonna do with the next 23 days of your life? With the final 23 days of the year. With the final 23 days of the decade.

You can do the status quo thing and rest, relax and enjoy the holidays.

Or you can do the extraordinaire thing and rest, relax, enjoy the holidays AND use the time you have available to get started/keep going and make major progress on a dream or desire you’ve been putting off.

How many more times are you gonna start your New Year with that “maybe this year?” attitude?

How many more years are you gonna allow yourself to sit on the sidelines of your life, thinking and planning and dreaming, but never doing?

What if on this day next year, instead of being in the same place you are right now (‘cause let’s face it, patterns are patterns for a reason #truth), you’re looking back and CELEBRATING how far you’ve come?

What if when you looked back over the year that just went by, you saw yourself living your dream. Doing the work, making the time, getting stuck or challenged along the way and then breaking through, and being so damn proud of yourself that you actually feel like you deserve to take the rest of the year off to rest, relax and enjoy the holidays.

Except now you don’t want to.

Now you understand that it’s possible to live your dreams and do everything else you need or want to do.

Now you get it that doing your soul work makes your life work.

Now you’ve fully stepped into being who you’ve always known you could be.

In one year, you can completely and totally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I know because I did it.

One year ago this past week, I received the download of a message that changed my entire life in every single way, in a one year period. A message that, when I received it, I really got it, deep in my heart and soul.

It wasn’t a new message for me. It was a remembrance of something I always knew and wasn’t able to articulate until that moment when the message downloaded so clearly that it will forever be etched in my soul (and on my arm, as I also tattooed it on me).

And that message is simple: feeling good is the point and the path.

That’s it. That’s the answer to every single thing you want and every single problem that’s ailing you.

Feeling good isn’t something we’re taught to do. We’re usually taught the opposite—that feeling bad for extended periods of time is “normal” and feeling good for an extended period of time is cause for fear or worry about “the other shoe dropping.”

It’s fucking nonsense and it’s time that we stopped buying into it and taking it on as our own beliefs.

Feeling good is absolutely NORMAL, but it’s just not COMMON. And because it’s also not something we’re taught to feel or sustain, it’s something we have to figure out for ourselves.

Feeling good is a day-to-day, moment-to-moment tuning in, reconnecting and realigning to what feels good. And being fully committed to only doing and allowing what does.

And, here’s the catch, doing that from WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

Yes, this is an internal thing that must be done regardless of what is happening in your outside world. There’s no other way.

And there’s no other day.

Change doesn’t start on January 1. It starts RIGHT NOW. TODAY.

It starts with your decision that you will no longer tolerate or be available for not feeling good every day.

It starts with your belief that what you want and dream of and desire from inside of you is not only real and yours but is also given to you from God as part of your mission on this planet.

It starts with trusting what you know in your heart is true for you and making that more important than what you’ve been taught to believe.

And it starts with your faith in all of that and then demonstrating that faith by TAKING ACTION NOW.

Not waiting til January 1.

Not putting it off til next year.

Not waiting for another day to make the decision to be who you want to be and live the life you want, desire and deserve.

The best part about making the decision to feel good no matter what is that slowly but surely, you raise your vibe. And when you raise your vibe, you begin attracting things you used to repel and repelling things you used to attract.

Every area of your life gets effected by the decision you make and how you choose to use the next 23 days (and beyond) of your year, of this decade and of your life.

And yes, I meant Effected and not Affected. All areas of your life will be influenced by your choice to feel good no matter what, but those areas will also be changed BECAUSE OF the decision and actions you take to feel good no matter what.

Change will happen. Momentum will build. And it will happen faster than you can ever imagine.

So… what will YOU DO with the final 23 days of this year? The choice is yours.

If you need me, I’ll be over here, on the other side, feeling good and living my dreams. 🔥💙

Dream life or bust,


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