What Can You Do Today To Start Acting Like You Believe Your Dream Is Coming True?

As you may already know, I launched an Etsy shop last week (go here to check it out: www.gerryrene.com). This was something I’ve wanted to do since I first found out about Etsy years ago.

And now I’ve finally done it. Yes, I dreamed of having my own Etsy shop and now I do.

But this is really just the beginning of the dream because there’s so much more to come.

It’s been a lot of fun figuring out each day how to market/promote the shop and what images I should put out and what message I’m feeling called to share along with those images.

But so far, it’s only been for fun. We haven’t made a sale (yet!) I know without a doubt in my mind our first sale is already on its way and that I’ll be announcing it at any moment.

So this morning, as I was sitting down to do Etsy-shop stuff, I asked myself: if I knew our first sale (and many sales after that) was a done deal, what would I be doing right now?

And the response that came to me when I asked that question was: I’d be making sure I have everything ready to go so that I can immediately ship the board out once the first sale comes in.

I bought some cards and twine a couple of weeks ago to use as part of our packaging, but I hadn’t yet sat down and put the packaging and tags together. I knew right away that was something I’d definitely have done already if I believed my first sale was a done deal.

So I sat down this morning and put together the tags and packaging. Now everything is ready to ship out the boards as sales come in.

Done and done.

Because I took the time to do this, even though technically I didn’t have to because I haven’t made a sale yet, I’m starting to feel like I’m already making sales in my shop.

And when you’re feeling something, you know it won’t be long before it manifests in your physical reality.

Most people would have waited to put together the tags and packaging until they made their first sale. “Why spend the time/effort when no one bought anything yet,” is typically the mindset behind this.

I agree that it seems logical not to spend your time doing something you don’t technically have to do yet, but that kind of mindset is only going to repel sales from coming in. It’s a mindset that stems from an unconscious limiting belief that says you’re not going to sell anything, so you may as well not waste your time.

If you truly believed that you were going to sell something, you’d be prepared and ready, so when a sale comes in, you can ship it out right away.

This is called Acting As If, and it doesn’t stop there.

No matter what action you take, there’s always another one you could take. So don’t take action and then check for results. Just take action and then take the next action and then take the next one.

As you do, momentum will start to build and before you know it, results will be showing themselves to you.

This is how you act your way into whatever you dream of and desire. You pretend like it’s already true and then you take action like it is.

I’ve got a whole list of other things I can do to demonstrate my faith that I know my first Etsy shop sale is on its way (and more to come after that!). Some of which include: getting the USPS boxes I’ll be using to ship the boards out, buying a postage scale so I can weigh the product for shipment, etc.

By doing all of this and readying myself to be making sales in my Etsy shop, sales have to come in. That’s how it works.

And while I may not get to decide when or how those sales come (that’s not my job), I do get to decide they’re coming and that the perfect people are going to be magnetized to my shop because of the energy I put out into the world every single day. And then my only other job is to act like it.

Done and done.

It really is that easy.

So, how can YOU start acting right now like your dream is a done deal? Share in the comments.

Dream life or bust,


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