What I Knew, Believed, and Thought About Money a Year Ago is Totally Different Today

For the past eleven months, I’ve been hardcore working on my money mindset and expanding my wealth consciousness. I’ve been doing this because I finally got to a point in my life where I was done struggling. Done with “feast or famine.” 

Done with “not enough”–in ALL areas.

A point where I realized, I’ve always known I’m meant to be rich, but I also know those riches aren’t just going to plop down on my doorstep. Especially not when I had a lack mentality and an “I’m broke” consciousness. 

That old paradigm, those old limiting beliefs, the old way I used to see money, myself, and my life, it all had to go. If it didn’t, I would continue to experience more of the same.

And I was over more of the same. 

I was done. I was sick of it. I was beyond my limit. I had hit a “fuck this shit” point of no return.

In September of last year, I committed to doing an hour a day MINIMUM of money mindset and wealth consciousness work. I set the how aside and trusted that if I showed up for that hour every day, I would know what to do with that time.

Some days I was journaling and digging into old beliefs and stories. Other days I was listening to money mindset podcasts or recordings from previous money-related programs I bought but never completed. Other days I was reading money mindset books. 

What I knew, believed, and thought about money a year ago is totally different today. 

I used to believe things like money is the root of all evil, people with money are bad, rich people are targets, being wealthy isn’t in the cards for me. I used to think other people, freelance gigs, editing projects, clients, customers, a job were the source of money. 

Now I believe that money is energy, just like everything else. That money comes from the Universe and gets channeled through things like clients, jobs, customers, etc. Now I know that I create my own economy inside myself and with the paradigm I choose to believe in. Now I know that money is a neutral resource that only makes you more of whatever you already are. 

While not much has shifted in my physical reality, EVERYTHING has been shaken up and shifted inside of me. Which, of course, means the physical reality shift isn’t far behind.

And in the meantime, I’ll continue to affirm, create, believe in, and choose the reality and the paradigm I desire and want to experience with money. One where there’s always enough, an excess, more money than I know what to do with.

A life where I never again have to consider money before making an aligned choice, decision, move, or action. A life where I don’t chase money, it chases me. 

A life where I’m magnetic as fuck and money, success, and all good things can’t help but be attracted to me. 

That is the paradigm I choose for myself, for you, and for us. And so it is.

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Dream life or bust,

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