What If Not Knowing How Was No Longer An Obstacle?

You’ve been wrongly taught that you have to know How you’ll do something before you do it. Or that the How even matters to begin with.

Not knowing How then becomes a barrier that stops you, sabotages you and gets in the way of you doing the thing(s) you know you’re meant to be. 

But the truth is, you never, ever, ever, ever, ever… need to know How you’ll do something before you take the first step. No matter what it is you desire and dream of. 

You don’t need to know all of the steps. You don’t need a strategy or an action plan. You don’t have to make a to-do list and check everything off.

You just have to know what you want and do whatever you can from where you are right now. The rest will unfold as you journey along.

You’ve probably heard this many times before (it’s even part of a famous quote from MLK), just take the first step. Just take it and the next step will appear.

And while there’s so much truth to that statement, there are also a lot of other pieces not being addressed. Those pieces are the underlying reasons why you allow yourself to be held back by not knowing the How.

Things like:

 *Not fully trusting yourself

 *Not fully trusting the Universe (aka God, Source) to support you and show up for you

 *Not tapping into your inner guidance and using it

 *Not being connected to yourself

*Not giving yourself full permission to want what you actually want 

 *Not feeling worthy of the life, business or career you desire

 *Not dealing with the BS limiting beliefs and thoughts you experience on the daily

But when you say Fuck the How, you set aside the need to know it all from square one and allow the Universe to do its job. This is where the magic happens. 

The Universe will always show up for you and always do its part in the process. But it requires you to do your part.

Creating the life of your dreams where you get to be, do and have everything you desire and dream of is a co-creative process.

You make a move and the Universe makes 10,000. Your journey becomes a creative dance with the Universe where the How reveals itself to you a little more every day. 

You learn to love the journey, the freedom, the connection, the unlimited possibility that comes from living in the unknown and trusting that it’s all working out.

When you say Fuck the How, you are making a powerful declaration that says “I don’t care how it happens, I believe that it’s meant for me, I know I get to have it, and I’m now claiming it for myself while simultaneously getting out of the way and allowing the Universe to do its magic.”

And from that place, ANYTHING is possible.

If you’re ready to say Fuck the How and finally be, do and/or have the thing you know it’s meant to be about for you, then I’d love to invite you to join us for the inaugural round of Fuck the How: an 8-week dream life accelerator for writers, creatives, over-thinkers, control freaks and people who get caught up on the How. 

This is the place where you get to drop all of the strategy and comparisons and shiny objects and worries, and step into a space of knowing, trusting, believing and receiving. 

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Dream life or bust,

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