What If You Just Decided To Believe That Life, Success, Business, And Money Only Curve Up As You Journey Along?

When I woke up this morning, God said to me: “did you know there are mathematical curves that only curve up?”

Now, I’m not one for math, so I grabbed my phone and Googled “mathematical curves that only go up.” What I discovered is that there’s a curve called the Exponential Growth Curve where things start off slow and then shift upward and never curve back down.

The growth of the exponential curve increases over time, and always in an upward direction.

This may seem like an odd thing for God to say to me, but since September 1, I have been deep into some hardcore money mindset work. And one of the limiting beliefs I’m reprogramming is that “all good things eventually end.” Another way to say this limiting belief would be: the other shoe will drop, knock on wood or something bad will happen, it’s always feast or famine, what goes up must come down, etc.

You probably have this same limiting belief, just said in a different way.

For me, this limiting belief is ancestral. It was a limiting belief passed down to me through my genes by my late grandfather who was a brilliant entrepreneur, but his businesses always started off successful and then took a downward turn.

He had an unconscious limiting belief (most likely passed down to him from his parents and those who came before them) that good things had to come to an end. And so for him, that’s what always happened with his businesses until he eventually decided to go work for someone else again.

So the limiting belief that things can’t stay good, can’t last, was deeply ingrained in me.

Something I’m grateful to know that my late grandfather, unfortunately, didn’t know, was that you create your own reality with your thoughts, your beliefs, and your feelings. And I KNOW like I KNOW my eyes are brown that life and business don’t have to be an up-and-down cycle.

I KNOW that things can be good AND stay good. That good things can get even better. That success and money and business and life all exponentially increase as you get older.

But just because I knew all this stuff didn’t mean I subconsciously believed it, and it’s your subconscious beliefs that matter, not your conscious ones.

So I had to reprogram that old, outdated, limiting, ancestral belief that did not actually belong to me, into a new, empowering belief that I could get behind.

That new belief, for me, is: the better it gets, the better it keeps on getting. I now choose to believe and affirm and feel and KNOW that life and business CAN be an upward curve that never goes down.

Much like the Exponential Growth Curve God so clearly pointed me to upon waking this morning.

And to me, it was total confirmation that this new, empowering belief about things getting better and better, has seeped into my subconscious mind. Which means the physical reality that matches this new belief will be showing itself too.

‘Cause that’s how it works.

Whatever you choose to believe will be what you experience in your life, forever and always, period. Unless you choose to change what you believe.

And I’m not someone who wants to be limited by anything, but most especially not by myself. And thanks to the internal programming I received growing up, I kept myself playing small and living a very limited, conditional life for most of my adult life.

But now I’ve broken free from those chains. I’ve busted through the limiting beliefs that have been keeping me stuck. I’ve dealt with and faced into the BS that was my internal programming for far too long now.

The real truth is, there are NO limits or conditions, except the ones we as humans place on ourselves and each other with our whackadoo beliefs and rules for how life has to be.

But you get to decide how life works for you. And it all gets to be on your terms if you choose to allow it to be.

So if you could have anything and have it exactly how you want it, what would you need to believe? What would you need to feel? What would you need to embody?

Believe it, feel it and embody it now and your physical reality will be forced to catch up.

Dream life or bust,


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