What if You Just Chose the Outcome You Wanted, Regardless of How Things Look?

Yesterday, I received a huge, clarifying lesson in what it means to just choose the outcome you desire, no matter what is going on around you in the physical. It’s now an epiphany that I will live my life by going forward from here. 

I had a noon appointment to meet my mom for pedicures, but before that, I had a bunch of stuff to do. I thought I had enough time. I thought I had more than enough time, and I got started early. 

Then I was 90 minutes out from noon, and I decided there was still time to do the final three things I had to do for the day. This required me to make three different stops across town from where I had to meet my mom. 

About 45 minutes into it, I realized—Nope. Not gonna make it. I wasn’t even halfway finished with the first thing and I had multiple other things to go. 

I started making myself wrong about it. I started telling myself how dumb I was for thinking I could make it on time and finish doing all of the things I had to do. 

And then I stopped myself and decided—Nope. Not gonna go down this negative path. 

I decided that I would make it and as long as I finished with the first thing by 11:05, I would still have time to make all of the stops and get to my appointment with my mom on time. 

Well, I finished the first thing at 11:15, and I still had more stops to make. I hoped for the best and I took off to do the rest of the things. 

I made the next stop. It was 11:24. 

And then I hit the construction traffic. They were directing traffic on the main road because the side road—the one I needed to turn onto—was being worked on. 

Looking at my clock, which now said 11:30. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to make it to my appointment by noon. 

I started going down the negative thought spiral—you’re so dumb; why do you always think you can fit so much stuff into such a short amount of time? You’re gonna be late and she’s gonna be pissed. 

We’re gonna lose our appointments prolly. 

And then, again, I stopped myself. 

I decided I was not available to be late OR to continue going down this negative thought spiral. I decided I would get the rest of the stuff finished AND would get to my appointment on time. 

The physical reality said there was no way that was happening. I was on the other side of town, 30 minutes from the appointment time, stopped in construction traffic, and still having two more stops to make. 

I decided to believe anyhow. 

I began saying out loud: “I am always in divine perfect timing and everything works out in my favor.” I repeated this over and over again. 

Dozens of times. 

I continued saying it out loud as I drove to the other stops I needed to make. “I am always in divine perfect timing and everything works out in my favor.”

I said it over and over and over again, as I continued to drive and hit more lights, more construction traffic, and continued to see the time on the clock dwindle. 

And then something happened. 

Suddenly, even though the clock said what it said, it was like somehow time had slowed. I was still experiencing all of the annoyances in the physical, and yet I felt inside of me that I was gonna get to my appointment on time. 

Well, I didn’t make it on time. I was FIVE MINUTES EARLY!! 

From the other side of town. While stuck in construction traffic. With having to make three stops. And WITHOUT speeding or driving like a psycho. 

I literally bent my experience of time in that moment and everything worked out in my favor. 

This is ALWAYS possible for us. We ALWAYS have the power to choose the positive. To choose the outcome we actually want, REGARDLESS of what the physical reality says. 

It’s just most of the time, we choose the negative. We choose not to believe. We choose to let our physical reality dictate what’s possible or available for us. 

But the option to just choose the outcome you want anyhow is still always there. 

I will be living my life from here on out from this knowing, and making the decision to trust what I feel inside more than and far above what 

I’m experiencing in the physical. 

And you can do the same. pastedGraphic.png

P.S. THIS pastedGraphic_1.png is what it means to say fuck the how and believe you get to have whatever you want or something even better. 

When you surrender your ask to the Universe, it’s ALWAYS This (aka what you want) or something even better. 

I wanted to get to my appointment on time (the ask I surrendered). I got there 5 minutes early AND the nail salon was running behind (something even better than what I asked for). 

This is always available to you. 

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