What If You Knew Exactly Where To Focus Your Time Every Day And You Could Ignore Everything Else?

Something I’ve always struggled with is finding the “best” way to do things. There are a million different ways you can do things or make things happen, and it can be intimidating to know that and have so many options in front of you.

The question then becomes: what am I actually meant to be doing?

How are you truly meant to be spending your time every day in your life and/or business? What activities are you meant to be doing? What activities are in alignment with your goals and with who you are and how you want to do things?

And then you get caught up in Comparison Syndrome, paying more attention to what everyone else is doing and not enough to your own path.

You buy into the belief that the answers are outside yourself. You spend all your time searching for strategies that work or trying to emulate what others are doing.

But none of it works for you.

Well, maybe some of it works for you, as all strategies do work to some extent. But just because something “works” doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you.

Almost two years ago, in December 2016, I invested $10k in a program I didn’t actually need to teach me a product launch strategy that I already knew and had used before (with success), because I had somehow convinced myself that what I knew wasn’t enough. That I had to follow someone else’s step-by-step way of doing things if I wanted to get the results I desired.

Instead, I wasted $10k re-learning something I already knew. And, of course, when I did the launch in January 2017, I didn’t at all get the results I desired or was promised.

And it was all my fault.

Not because I didn’t put in the work or the effort; I did. I spent weeks prepping for that launch and creating a three-part video series that followed the “perfect structure” and spelled things out in just such a way that people would be enticed to sign up for my course.

Don’t get me wrong–the strategy worked. I made $5,500 cash from that launch. BUT I was already making $5k a month in my business at that point… so investing the $10k to re-learn something I already knew how to do did nothing for me except get me the exact same results I was already getting every month.

(I will add that I went on to re-launch this same course multiple times over the next two years and have made more than my investment back. While I don’t credit that investment or what I learned with helping me to do that, I do credit that investment with being the nudge that finally made me launch the thing I’d been putting off thanks to fear.)

So, why did this happen?

Because I was ignoring my soul. Because I was trying to “fix” a problem externally, instead of going internally and trying to first figure out why I thought I even needed to make the investment; especially considering I already knew the strategy and had used it before with success (and made more money doing it on my own than I did doing it someone else’s way).

But sometimes we need lessons like this to teach us how powerful we actually are.

After making this investment, I made a decision: I would never again invest in something out of fear of not being enough or knowing enough.

But then somehow, I continued to still make investments over the next year (not all of them; but many) from a place of fear. From a place of feeling like I’m not enough. From a place of worrying that I couldn’t make it happen on my own.

And so in January 2018, I made another decision: I was going to learn to trust myself, AND I wasn’t allowed to invest in anything business-related unless it was hiring a team to support me (all other investments would be focused on improving my writing and storytelling skills).

As I’ve lived into that decision this year, something kind of crazy happened: I unlocked my personal success blueprint.

Years ago a mentor of mine told me we all have a blueprint inside our soul that spells out exactly what we need to do to achieve the success and dream life we desire. I believed her. I felt it to be true.

But I had no idea how to access it.

Turns out accessing it started with trusting myself to know that I already know enough; have done enough; have invested enough; and that I did actually have what it took. Once I started trusting the nudges I felt inside–and taking action on them–that’s when the tides began to turn.

Over the past 12 months, I have unlocked a set of activities that, when I do them daily and consistently, make my life work.

Everything becomes easy. Money, clients and opportunities drop into my lap without any effort. I step into a flow-state where nothing feels like work and everything feels like fun.

I become a magnet for everything I desire and more.

When this first started happening, it was July 2018, and I had my BEST month all year. I made the most money. It was the easiest month all year. I felt like I hadn’t done very much work at all. And it was also the most fun and in-alignment I’d ever felt.

And it scared me.

I didn’t believe it really could be that easy and fun. I made myself wrong for not working hard enough.

So I ran back to my comfort zone of trying to follow other people’s strategies and ways of doing things. Ignoring the soul-nudge I was feeling to get back to those activities.

And shit stopped working again. Money became slow. Clients stopped coming in. I had a very rough three-month period where I felt a little bit like I was losing my mind or like I had “broke” my business in some way.

But as soon as I got back to those activities… everything started working again.

A phrase that came to me earlier this year was now shouting at me inside my head: doing your soulwork makes your life work. Doing your soulwork makes your life work!!


I know this now. I accept this. I trust this. And I no longer care what anyone else is doing or what strategies they’re using. I’m 100 percent focused on my path.

It’s SO freeing, to not have to spend any time or energy worrying about how to do something or make something happen, or comparing myself to what others are doing and trying to be like them.

I feel like my journey over the past 12 months has not only brought me to my true soulwork and purpose in the world, but it taught me to trust myself and trust the soul nudges and act on them.

Over the past 12 months I have not only unlocked my personal success blueprint–and began living into it every day–but I have also created the foundation for my business going forward. I am now clear on what I do; how I do it; and why I do it.

I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been… ever.

More synchronitcities are happening every day. Soulmate clients are showing up in my inbox on the regular. The projects I’m taking on are more and more aligned for me.

It’s all working. Beautifully. 

And all because I made the decision to commit to doing my soulwork every day.

You can choose to do the same. You can choose to stop worrying about how to make something happen or how someone else is doing it, and decide to trust yourself and trust what you feel inside and–most importantly–act on it. Over and over again, every day.

The amount of time and energy I’ve wasted over the years trying to figure things out and do things like successful people are doing them is kind of ridiculous. It’s almost laughable. I can’t believe I gave away my power for so damn long.

But I’ve finally arrived.

I’m finally in alignment with my mission and purpose and vision. I’m finally committed to and creating habits out of the soulwork I know I’m meant to do every day.

When you find your personal success blueprint, everything changes.

You no longer have to worry or care about what anyone else is doing. You no longer get distracted by all the shiny objects outside yourself.

You know that all you ever have to do to create the success and the results and the outcomes you desire is to tap into the blueprint that’s always been inside you and use it to create and receive everything you dream of and more.

Because doing your soulwork makes your life work.

Dream life or bust,


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