What It Means To Be Born For Something

As a multi-passionate writer and creative entrepreneur, I stand for never choosing one thing. And it’s not because I think choosing one thing is a bad idea (well, okay, I do think it’s a bad idea, but only if you’re multi-passionate like I am).

I stand for it because I can’t choose one thing. Ever.

Like, it’s literally impossible for me to.

But at the same time, there is one thing more than anything else that I know I was born for. And that’s to be a writer.

At my core, I am a writer.

It’s my “one thing.” The thing I know I was born to do.

Of course, I also believe I was born to be and do a lot of other things too, but those things all stem from me being a writer.

And over the past 12 months, as I’ve stepped more into being the multi-passionate person I actually am and gave myself permission to do and be more of the things I dream of, I’ve discovered something: when you’re born to do something, you have to do it. Period.

It’s the magic bullet solution for EVERYTHING.

And when you avoid it or allow your excuses or “I don’t feel like its” to stop you from doing it, the not doing it is the thing that actually causes all of the chaos and the struggle in other areas of your life.

Because I am born to write, writing is my answer for everything.

When I want to feel happy and high-vibe, I write. When I’m upset or depressed or “don’t feel like doing it,” writing is the thing that saves me from spiraling down. When I make excuses or procrastinate, the only thing that pulls me out is doing the writing.

And when I don’t write; when I let the depression and the excuses and the “don’t feel like its” stop me, my life becomes a struggle. Money is hard. Motivation is nonexistent. Even getting out of bed in the morning feels damn-near impossible.

Writing is the savior for me.

It’s the thing that brings me back to me. It’s the thing that makes me feel at home inside myself again. It’s the thing that makes me feel connected to something bigger than me.

It’s the thing that gives me purpose in my life.

If you’re someone who also knows you were born to write (and do a lot of other things too), this is the answer you’ve been searching for. This is the cure-all for anything that’s ailing you, internally.

Write. Write. WRITE.

Put words on the page. Whether that means writing a book, a blog post or just scribbling something in your journal.

When you’re born to write, you can’t not write. And if you do, you suffer.

This same theory applies to being multi-passionate.

If you’re multi-passionate and you know it’s who you are at your core, then trying to choose one thing will cause suffering and pain and sadness and disconnection. The only way you can truly be happy and fulfilled when you’re a born-multi-passionate person, is to BE all of you and do all of the things you desire to.

Choosing one or two won’t get you there. Your mind will always be thinking about the other stuff you want to be doing that you’re not.

You have to give yourself FULL permission to build your life (and business) around ALL of the things you desire to be and do.

When you do that, that’s when your life will work and work better than it ever has before. Things will feel easier. Money and opportunities will flow in a steady stream. You’ll have less Resistance, and procrastination will be a think of the past.

One year ago tomorrow, I gave myself permission to do and be ALL of me, and launched my brand for multi-passionate creatives and visionaries: Dream Life Or Bust.

And tomorrow, I celebrate that permission and the one-year anniversary of Dream Life Or Bust by showing you everything I’ve learned from being full-out multi-passionate over the last 12 months, all boiled down into one FREE training that you DO NOT want to miss… How To Find Your Personal (and Business) Success Formula.

I’ll be showing you how to find the daily activities that are your personal success formula. You already have this formula inside you; I’m going to show you how to start unlocking it.


I really hope to “see” you there!!

Dream life or bust,


P.S. I just wrote this entire post while having an ocular migraine… take THAT Resistance! Also, be sure to sign up for my FREE training —-> How To Find Your Personal (and Business) Success Formula. You do not want to miss this one!! Register here: www.dreamlifeorbust.com/successformula

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