What’s Going Well Right Now? Focus On That

Something I’ve been thinking about and journaling on lately is the idea of having it all. 

We’ve been taught since childhood that “having it all” isn’t a real thing. That nobody has “it all” and thinking that we can have “it all” is nonsense. 

You can’t always get what you want… right?

But what if you could have it all? What if having it all was your absolute birthright? 

The truth is, having it all–your version of “it all”–is normal. We’re supposed to have it all in all areas that matter to us. 

But it’s just not common for most people to “have it all.”

And that’s because we’ve been taught bullshizzle like “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” (WTFuck does that even mean? If there’s cake that belongs to me, I’m eating it.) 

Because of this, when good things happen to us, we’re always expecting the “other shoe to drop.” We’re actually waiting for and expecting something bad to happen or something to go wrong in another area of our life.

So today, as I journaled about having it all, another thought came to me: what if instead of focusing on “having it all” from a place of “I don’t have it yet,” I focused on it from a “what’s already going well/what already matches my ‘having it all’ vision in all areas of my life” place? 

I made a list of every area of my life that’s currently important to me. In no particular order:

> Health

> Finances and Business

> Love and Relationship

> Family and Friends

> Home Life/Lifestyle

> Fitness

> Food

> Spirituality

> Personal Growth

> Creativity and Soulwork

> Body

And then I sat down to write this blog post. When I’m done, I’ll be going through every area on this list and writing down what’s already going well/what already matches my idea of “having it all” in that area.

Before I do that, I want to invite you to do it along with me.

It’s a lie that we can’t have it all. We CAN have it all

In ALL of the areas of our lives that are important to us.

But before you can “have it all,” you need to first look at what’s already going well/your version of “having it all” in your life right now, and then continue to define what “having it all” looks like for you from there.

So if you dare to believe that you can have it all… do the following 3 journal prompts and report back to us in the 1% Writers Club.

1. What are the areas of my life that are important to me?

2. What’s already going well/already a match to my version of “having it all” in each of those areas? 

3. What else would mean I “have it all” in each of those areas?

And this isn’t about what other people think “having it all means” or about you trying to be rational and not fully asking for what you want in all of those important life areas.

This is about you asking for what you really want. 

And believing that you can freaking have it because you are a beautiful, divine child of the Universe and having YOUR ALL in every area that matters to you is your birthright.

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