When Is Procrastination Not Really Procrastination?

By Jennifer Blanchard

Lately I’ve felt like I’m getting nothing done. No matter how much writing I do, no matter how many links I post on Twitter, no matter how much school work I complete, I still feel like I’m accomplishing nothing.

I’ve been telling myself that I’m procrastinating; that I just need to stop all of my activities and lock myself in my home office and cross things off my ‘to-do’ list until everything is finally finished.

But when is procrastination really procrastination and when is it taking on too much?

I don’t know about you…but taking on too much is something that I’m no stranger to. Since early in my college career, I found that the more I had on my plate, the more I got done. And that belief has pretty much followed me to this day.

In fact, I may do more now than I did in college. If that’s even possible.

There have been many times, however, where I’ve just felt burned out. When I’ve felt like I am working myself to the bone and still not getting it all done.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now.

Currently, I’m three weeks behind on my school work, I have a list of blog posts that need to be written, I have a list of guest posts that need to be written…and so much more.

And yet this week I’ve already written a couple of articles and launched my new SavvyAuthors.com column (I’m doing a column called Write Your Weight Away; it’s all about using writing to lose weight and get healthy. If you’re a member, be sure to check it out. If you’re not a member, be sure to join so you can check it out!)

So when it comes down to it… am I really procrastinating? Or am I maybe burning the candle at both ends?

What are your thoughts on procrastination versus taking on too much?

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