When Old Things Trigger You

Today, I ran into a person who I hadn’t seen in twenty years. A person who triggers the fuck out of me and who did and said things back in my teen years that made me feel not good enough. And I got triggered again.

Truth be told, feeling not good enough is kinda my “inner demon.” It’s that inner thing I struggle with more than anything else.

So it’s not surprising that I experienced so much of feeling that way growing up, and that I can still be triggered by those same things today.

The only difference is, today I know better.

Today, I know that those old feelings, the ones that got triggered by seeing this person, are nothing more than that—old feelings. Not anything I need to continue to hold onto.

Today, I know that I was born good enough and nothing can ever take that away from me (or from you).

Today, I know that feeling good enough is a CHOICE.


To put my books out there and believe in them, even when I feel like puking and am hearing nonsense in my head telling me no one wants to read them anyhow.

To show up online and make videos and write posts like this, and share myself and my life, even when I worry that I’ll be judged and made fun of.

To have a big vision for myself and my life and my career, and to go for it every single day, and be unwilling to accept anything less, even when my old inner programming tells me I’ll probably never make it and I’m crazy for trying.

I work on my mindset. I change my inner talk. I reprogram and shift my beliefs and limiting thoughts about myself and my life intentionally and in the moment as stuff comes up.

And every single day I choose to believe I am worthy of being who I want to be and living the life I want to live. 🔥

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