When Your Physical Reality Finally Catches Up

This check has been sitting on my counter for the last few days. And I haven’t even thought about it or taken the time to deposit it in my bank account.

I am finally at a place in my life where money is not a struggle and I have my shit together around it.

I know what’s coming in. I know what’s going out. I know exactly how much I need for what I call my Foundational Income and I have manifested a way to make more than what I need to cover it every month. So now I’m into what I call my Expansive Money, receiving in excess of what I require every month at this time.

It took A LOT of confronting inner and outer work to get to this place. And there’s still more work to do.

But it feels so fucking good to be at a place where I don’t have to rush to cash this or any check because I’m in desperate need of paying a bill or using it to buy something.

And I’m sharing everything I’ve learned over the journey of getting here in my FREE 6-day livestream series: Manifest More Money Starting Now.

The series starts May 31 at 5 pm ET right inside my (also free) FB group, the Feel-Good Life Club: www.facebook.com/groups/feelgoodlifecenter

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