When You’re Making A Belief-Shift, You Must Hold Tight And Not Give In To What You See In Your Current Reality

For the last eight months–but especially over the last two months–I’ve been hardcore working on improving my money mindset and financial situation. And things were rolling along nicely. July was my highest income month so far this year, and in August I improved my credit scores by 35 and 38 points!! Best of all, my money mindset has become a lot more solid.

So OF COURSE it didn’t come as a surprise  when chaos showed up in my money situation this month. (OK, that’s a lie… it kinda did at first b/c I forgot for a minute about how transformation works, but thankfully I remembered, and then I wasn’t at all surprised.)

My new beliefs and new ways of acting around money are being tested. Like a mothafucka. The Universe wants to know just how bad I want to make this change; just how committed I am to transforming my relationship with money this year.

When you’re working on changing your beliefs, life chaos is gonna happen. It’s inevitable. There is always a (temporary!!) period of chaos in your physical reality as your old results drop away and things rearrange themselves to support your new beliefs.

It looks like your world is crashing down, but really things are just falling into place as you continue forward on your path as this new You.

When I started my daily mindset practice back in August 2015, things were great… for the first couple weeks. And then my car got repoed, I lost a long-time client due to budget cuts, and I had no money to pay my bills. Shit got crazy!

And it would have been SO EASY for me to give up and give in to what I was seeing and experiencing in my physical reality. It would’ve been so easy. And no one would’ve blamed me for it. Everyone would agree that the new mindset practice “must not be working” because of all the money chaos that showed up.

But, thankfully, at that time, I’d been doing the mindset practice long enough to FEEL on the inside that everything was gonna be fine. I just KNEW, on the inside, that what I was seeing on the outside was just residue from my old ways of thinking and being.

And the same is true right now.

What’s coming up in my physical reality right now is just residue. It’s residue of my old ways of thinking and being.

When you decide to make a change in your life, there will always be residue of the old that has to go away before the new physical reality can show up. That’s because your thoughts are CAUSE and your physical reality is EFFECT (NOT the other way around!!).

What you see around you in your physical reality right now is just the effects of how you’ve thought, believed and acted up ’til this point. So if you decide to change the way you think, believe and act, eventually your effects–aka: physical reality–will have to change too.

But not without a temporary period of shake up.

And so I had a choice. Over the last two weeks, as shit has gotten seemingly worse and worse, I had a choice.

I could choose to give up on programming these new beliefs and behaviors, give in to what I’m seeing and experiencing in my physical reality, buy into that nonsense and move forward with that as my story (the shit-show, struggle, lack bullshit I’ve lived most of my life around money).

OR I can remember who the fuck I am and who I now decide to be and choose to buy into THAT and believe THAT and not allow my inner peace to be swayed by anything I see in my physical reality.

After all, what shows up in your physical reality is OLD NEWS. It’s stuff that you created based on the way you thought and believed in the past. And now you can choose different and see something different.

I’m SO proud of myself for not caving. Yes, at first I did panic and freak out–as anyone would–when things seemed to be falling the fuck apart. But then I got my head back in the game and decide to TRUST.

It’s been VERY scary to do this. Especially because choosing to trust and surrender to what is hasn’t changed anything in my physical reality (yet).

But at the same time, I know there are only two options here: Go back to my old ways of thinking and being and let things stay the same as they’ve always been…

… Or hold tight to my new beliefs and ways of being, root deep into what I’ve decided is now true for me, and hunker down to ride out the residue-storm.

I choose the latter. No matter how long it takes.

This is the year I transform my financial life and relationship with money and I will do whatever I have to do to make that happen.

If you’re making a BIG change in your life right now–in any area–just know this: there will be a temporary period of time where shit hits the fan in that area and/or other areas of your life, and it’s a test. It’s the final test to see whether you’re really ready for change or if you’ll cave and just go back to being the old you.

Hold on tight. Surrender the outcome. And trust.

We’ve got this!

Dream life or bust,


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