Why You Should Write Every Day, and How To Do It

One of the themes of this blog is writing everyday. And if you want to be a writer, and especially a professional writer, you need to write everyday no exception.

Now what you write is the least important thing. You can write anything you’d like: fiction, poetry, a non-fiction article, etc., just as long as you write!

The blog post, How to Write Everyday and Why You Should, by Daily Writing Tips shares these tips for writing fiction, blogging or journaling everyday:


  • end each day in the middle of a scene
  • have a target number of words or pages to aim for everyday
  • count planning, outlining and editing as part of your writing


  • you don’t have to write in your journal first thing in the morning
  • pick a time of day that works for you and journal at that time everyday
  • view writing in your journal as a treat or reward


  • write several posts at once and publish them throughout the week
  • having a deadline and sense of responsibility to your readers is a great way to stick with writing every day

The reason I bring this post up, is because the comments section is outstanding. So many people shared tips and tricks for what helps them write everyday.

Here are some of the things people shared:

  • There are a couple of things that have kept me going — one is that I know my
  • father reads it at work with his sandwich, so have to post by lunchtime; and the
  • other is that I get the occasional message from a reader who says that Three
  • Beautiful Things is helping them through a dark time — so I’m haunted by the
  • feeling that someone out there might be waiting for a post.–Clare
  • I find that I feel better when I write (is that the definition of an
  • addiction?). Hence, I write every day because I feel better.
  • Journal writing- everyday at 10AM
  • Short stories – written 6-8PM two or three nights a week
  • Blogs- 1PM
  • Having a book in progress is the easiest way to write everyday.

To see more comments from this article, check out DailyWritingTips.com.

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